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The Mystifying Massive Manor

A Moemon WG Story

Mad Evil Industries

Chapter 1

Rain, Mansions, and the Moemon


It was a dark and stormy night over the grassy plains, thunder and lightning crackling overhead and rain pouring down into the grassy fields. It was almost beautiful to watch nature at work…


Too bad it's only beautiful if you weren't caught outside in the storm, like our three heroines.

"Ali! Hand over that umbrella! That's an order!"

"Forget that! Did you forget that water and me don't really mix?!"

"Guys, do we really need to argue now of all times?"

"Not now, Fontina!" barked a voluptuous Mightyena pokemon, her dark hair completely matted down by the rain water and her clothes (a black leather jacket, cut off jean shorts and silver tank top) were soaked and clung to her 'assets' quite well. "And Ali! At least move over so I can use the umbrella too!"

"No way, Midnight!" Ali snarled back, her sharp eyes narrowing behind her red and black short hair. "I paid for this umbrella with the money I won, and you had your chance to buy one yourself but you preferred to spend it on who knows what!"

Unlike the Mightyena moemon – Midnight, Ali was a Quilava moemon, and compared to Midnight's body, Ali was a washboard, hardly having any curves to her name and having her red and yellow hoodie hanging off her body while her black skirt had to have a belt attachment on it just so she could make sure it would slip off her body. It certainly didn't help that because of this figure that Ali would be confused for a Cyndaquil moemon at times. At least thanks to her red umbrella, Ali wasn't going to get wet like the team's so-called 'leader'.

Then there was the third member of the group, Fontina, who was quietly sighing behind her two friends as they continued their bickering. Unlike her companions, Fontina was a fan of the rain (with good reason, since she was a Vaporeon Moemon) but wasn't a fan of colds so she wore a light blue poncho over her usual attire – A white blouse and a long blue skirt. Even though the hood of her poncho protected her head from getting wet, the front bangs of her short blue hair (with a few fin-like bangs) and her large glasses still got hit with rain water.

And although she didn't like to acknowledge it, Fontina's figure was the best of the trio's, a trim waist and an hourglass figure. In fact, that figure was the reason for some of the arguments that the group had to deal with in the past.

Shaking that thought from her head and trying to put her friends' bickering out of her mind, Fontina turned her head to the side to look at the view. That's when something caught her eyes, "H-Hey guys!"

Through some miracle, both Midnight and Ali ceased their argument to turn towards Fontina, who was pointing to the side with her hand. Following her hand, the two girls saw that there was a large mansion not too far in the distance. "M-Maybe we can a-ask to stay while t-the storm's here and…"

"Good idea!" Midnight laughed as she crossed her arms under her bust. "Good thing I saw that mansion first!"

Both Ali and Fontina sighed before the three began to walk towards the mansion…


The mansion itself was rather impressive, almost as large as some of the buildings that the three had come across in their visits to cities. The mansion looked like it was in a Victorian style and had more features that you would see in a castle. However, all of the windows were dark, and there didn't seem to be any life in the mansion at all.

"Um… M-Maybe no one's home?" Fontina suggested, regretting her observation from earlier.

"This place kind of screams 'A mad scientist lives here,'" Ali pointed out.

"Bah, you two are just being paranoid," Midnight growled as she walked towards the door. "If no one's here, then we can just relax here without worrying and evil scientists don't exist!"

"What about those scientists in Team Rocket?" Ali pointed out.

"Or, T-Team Galatic?" Fontina added.

"Yeesh, those two are from different regions!" Midnight sighed as she shook her head when she got under the patio's roof, attempting to dry out her hair. "Now quit acting like crybabies and get out of the rain!"

With everyone on her team submerged underneath the porch, Midnight raised one pruney finger to touch the doorbell and let it fall back to her side patiently. The silence that followed was only broken by the heavy rain that constantly fell in the background. "Maybe nobody's home?" Fontina peeped from behind her leader, "Yeah, this place gives me the creeps anyway, why don't we just-" Ali's input was ignored however, because Midnight's superior hearing picked up on the faint tapping of footsteps inside the seemingly abandoned mansion. "Shh!!" she hushed her younger companions with a finger to her pursed lips, "Someone's coming!"

Ali and Fontina followed Midnight's example and cupped their ears up to the heavy door, now hearing the muffled footsteps with their own ears. They got closer and closer to the door as the footsteps themselves grew closer themselves until finally they stopped. The moemon exchanged confused glances before their support gave way, sending all three of them tumbling to the cold wet ground! "Yes, can I help you?" a delicate voice asked from above.

"OW!!" Midnight whined, having landed flat on her face with her nose breaking the fall, "THAT REALLY HURT YOU-"

Fortunately, Fontina decided to cut off Midnight there before she said anything too stupid. "Uh, yes, sorry about that." she said as she brushed herself off, "My friends and I were just anxious to get out of the cold and-" she, in turn was cut off by Ali who had her own way of explaining things, "Yeah, so since the storm's not letting up, do you think we could stay with you for tonight?" she asked politely... "We won't rob you."

They all stared at the woman behind the doorframe with pleading eyes; she appeared to be a Kangashkan moemon with a slight weight problem. To the more observant (meaning only Fontina in this situation) one could see that her chubby body was adorned rather comfortably in a maid's outfit; thus meaning that it wasn't her decision if they stayed or drowned outside. Still, it wwould be nice to get out of the rain if only for a little bit.

She was silent for a minute, before her chubby cheeks cracked a smile. That smile turned to boistrous laghter, "Ahahaha, well I would certainly hope not!" she howled, sending a vibration that carried throughout her entire body in a quaking jiggle, "Please, come in." she said courteously. She was met with less than polite responses as even the reserved Fontina quickly barged in and out of the rain. She stifled another fit of laughter as she watched them all dry off, namely Midnight's idea of shaking her entire body like her namesake pokemon. "You poor things." her tone was honest and sincere, "You must be chilled to the bone!"

They had to agree with the chubby woman, every inch of them was soaked down to the bone (except maybe Ali, who was wet every other inch) Fontina took it upon herself to remove her powder blue poncho, pulling it over her head to reveal her "smart girl" apparal. As she resituated her round glasses on her face, she couldn't help but notice just how dark it was in the mansion.

"Forgive my asking ma'am, but do you live alone here?" she inqueried, only for Midnight to shut her up. "Don't bug the woman who's letting us spend the night here." she said rudely as she adjusted her bra back over a boob shaken loose in her earlier attempt to get dry. "I don't think she said anything about letting us stay yet..." Ali corrected her solemnly, "HEY SHUT UP PIPSQUEAK!" Midnight barked, "SAY IT TO MY FACE DOG BREATH"

"Actually..." the woman continued, politely ignoring the less refined members of the party. "He's unfortunately out for a while, you see, he was called by a League of some sort for a conference. I don't know the exact details, but he had to take a few of the staff members here."

"League?" Fontina questioned, as she blinked a few times behind her glasses.

"Yes," The woman continued as she turned her attention fully to Fontina and did not pay attention to Midnight and Ali, who were starting to get a little more intense in their argument. "Besides me, there are only a handful of maids here. We're just keeping the place in order and making sure that all orders and mail is sorted correctly."

"Then aren't we intruding?" Fontina asked, taking a moment to realize that Midnight and Ali were starting to pull at each other's hair.



"Oh, heavens no," The woman replied with a wave of her hand. "The master always allows people to stay in the mansion. In fact, that's how some of the maids got their jobs here. Just so long as nothing is broken or stolen, everything should alright for you and your two friends to stay here for a while."

"W-Well, thank you," Fontina said as she bowed her head slightly. "We'll leave as soon as the storm passes."

"Do not worry, my dear," The woman stated with a warm smile on her chubby face. That's when she stood there with her face turning dull. "Uh, hmm…"

"Is something wrong?" Fontina asked, now realizing that her two companions were rolling on the floor. "G-Guys! S-Stop it!"

"Oh, uh, I just realized that I forgot to introduce myself," The Kangaskhan woman replied with a large blush on her face. "How rude of me not to do so! My name is Shera, and it is a pleasure to meet you all."

'She's completely ignoring Midnight and Ali's rude behavior,' Fontina thought with a large bead of sweat rolling down the side of her head. "Um, yes, well, I am Fontina, and my two friends on the ground are Ali and Midnight."

"My, what a lively duo," Shera chuckled as she spun on her heels. "Well then, you girls must be soaked. We should get you out of those wet clothes before you catch your deaths. If you'll follow me, I'll lead you to one of the guest rooms."

Just as Shera was about to step forward, both Ali and Midnight had rolled in the larger woman's path, only for the Kangaskhan Moemon to jump over them without a second thought.

"G-Guys!" Fontina whispered at the two fighting companions.




A few minutes later, and actually managing to pry her two friends away from each other, Fontina, Ali and Midnight were following Shera through the slightly lit hallways. One thing that caught Fontina's attention, was that there were several paintings lining the walls – Each of them depicting a beautiful Moemon girl, ranging from an snoozing Absol girl to a sleek Zigzagoon girl as well.

'Man, this is just somewhat creepy,' Midnight thought to herself just as Shera stopped in front of one of the many doors.

"Alright dears!" Shera announced as she spun on her heels and gestured towards the door next to her. "Here's your room, there are plenty of beds, a restroom and even a television. If you want to go around the Mansion, there are some maps around the halls."

"Why are there maps in the mansion?" Ali questioned.

"Well, the Master is somewhat forgetful at times," Shera answered as she unlocked the door to the room. "So, we set up maps all over the mansion to help him and new maids learn their way around. I'll be sure to find you girls once dinner is going to be served. So, until then, please, just relax."

And with that, Shera began to turn and walk away.

As soon as she was out of ear shot…

"Man," Midnight sighed as she walked into the room. "She was a porker."

"Midnight!" Ali hissed as she followed the Mightyena Moemon into the room, Fontina following them as well. "She let us in and is letting us stay the night!"

"Doesn't change the fact that she's tubby," Midnight replied as she peeled off her belly shirt. "Anyway, dibs on the shower first!"

Both Ali and Fontina sighed loudly as Midnight slipped into the bathroom, "I swear, sometimes we need to smack her upside the head a few times to get some respect out of her."

"A-Ali," Fontina chirped slightly as she removed her poncho, revealing her dry attire. "I realize that she's a little rough around the edges, but…"

"Yeah, but nothing!" Ali growled as she tossed her umbrella to the side. "She could stand to lose a little bit of that ego of hers!"

Ali sighed loudly as she shook her head, "Look Fontina, I don't mean to yell, but Midnight just gets on my nerves. She was a pretty good friend as a Poochyena Moemon, but ever since she changed, she thinks she's bigger than sliced bread."

Fontina couldn't disagree with her friend, it was true.

"Anyway, I'm thinking while Miss Perfect is showering," Ali replied placing a hand on her hip. "We could explore this mansion, what ya think?"

"Well, I think we could use some time away from each other," Fontina answered. "And a walk does sound nice…"

Meanwhile, in the bathroom…

"Ooh, nice place." Midnight observed innocently as she continued to undress herself behind closed doors. Her sopping wet daisy dukes squished as they, along with her undies socks and jacket hit the bathroom floor, leaving her completely naked already as she readied her bathtime.

She reached into the bathtub and turned on the faucet, the chilly water gushing from the faucet splashing up against her naked body sent shivers down her spine. Looking upwards from the water release, Midnight saw the handy faucet toggle and pulled until the icy water started coming out the higher nozzle. Standing upright, Midnight took the time to gingerly fold her clothes and leave them on the camode, hoping to kill some time for the water to become bearable.

She stuck one slender finger past the curtain, just past lukewarm. "Jeez, talk about slow..." Midnight complained inwardly, crossing her arms underneath her tanned busom. The Mightyena moemon impatiently tapped her foot in disdain for the rusty pipes of the mansion to do their jobs- Oh wait, that was steam rising from the tub! Slowly, the tanned beauty stepped into the clawed porcelain tub and...

"Oh..." she moaned, it felt so good to get out of the cold and step into this shower! The jets hissed as more and more heated water fell on top of Midnight's already soaking figure. She would wait a minute before grabbing the bar of soap, relishing in the lovely warmth that dripped over her...

Slowly, Midnight grabbed a prepositioned bar of soap and a washcloth, tenderly massaging her chilled breasts with the warm fuzzy cloth...


"Now that was a shower!" she beamed, kicking the bathroom door open in her usual rowdy fashion. She had quickly made due with a robe left hanging on the towel rack, using said towel as a turban to keep her hair dry. "Hello~o?" she chimed about the empty room, "Guys?"

She huffed, immediately jumping to conclusions as usual, "They must have gone off without me; just like they always do!" she barked to a non-existant audience as she aired out her sopping outfit, "Fine, suits me, I'll just wait right here for them to come back- chubbo said something about maps in the hallways, so we can all meet up back here and I can give 'em a piece of my mind!!" she growled as she pulled up her cutoffs...

On that note, she shoved her arms into the leather jacket's sleeves (ignoring the fact that the fabric inside was still far too wet to be worn comfortably) and plopped onto the bed and waited patiently for their return...

"ARGH!!" she roared not a minute later, "I'M SO MAD!!"

And with that final note Midnight stormed out the doorway, her anger and impatience driving her to sniff out her friends and give them a good thrashing, rather than do the logical thing and just wait for them there in the room.

A few minutes later…

There was one thing that Midnight had to say, that this mansion was very impressive and was very big. Although those two facts were very true, they still didn't trump the feeling that was coursing through the young Mightyena Moemon's body.

'Where the hell did those two morons get to?'

The dark haired beauty continued her trek, allowing her still wet clothes to dry as she stepped through the poorly lit hallways. Each step that Midnight took however seemed to throw more fuel on the fire that was Midnight's anger. If she was in a calm state of mind, then she would've noticed the paintings that were hanging on the walls in the hall. In a sense, they still depicted the same Moemon from earlier, only this time they seemed a bit… Thicker.

But this just went over Midnight's head as she continued her trek through the large mansion, grumbling under her breath. Too bad she didn't pay attention to where she was walking, and eventually found herself lost in the huge mansion.

Not that she cared at the moment.


"Alright, where the hell am I?" Midnight asked to no one in particular as she leered at one of the many maps that was stationed in mansion. "How in the world did I get over here? Where the heck is my room? And why is there a Banana Republic listed on here?!"

All very good questions, too bad Midnight didn't take the time to really learn those answers when she was in a terrible rage. 'This is all because of Ali and Fontina! Where the hell did they go anyway and why did they just leave me behind?! Although, I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised, they always pull this kind of crap! And another thing, I…'

That's when something hit Midnight's nose, an all too familiar and sweet smell that immediately dosed that anger in her head and made Midnight grin. It was a smell that she was all too familiar with, the sweet, sweet smell of…

"CHOCOLATE!" Midnight cheered to herself, after making sure that no one was around. And without a second thought, Midnight began to follow the smell, using her slightly superior sense of smell to lead her.

One secret that Midnight kept from her two teammates was her greatest weakness – An endless love for chocolate, and this sweet tooth she had ever since she was a little Poochyena Moemon. She would do almost anything for a bite of chocolate, but in order to keep her amazing figure, she had to limit what chocolate she ate. Of course, that wouldn't mean that she wouldn't sneak a quick bite or a chocolate binge (which is what she used her money to buy instead of preparing for the weather like her companions).

Eventually, Midnight came across a room that almost any idiot could identify – The kitchen, which was just as impressive as the rest of the mansion. It was actually more futuristic with brush steel tools and…

"Blah, blah, blah," Midnight said out loud as she walked through the clean kitchen in her search for chocolate. "Now, where's that chocolate."

It didn't take long for Midnight to find her target, for on one of the counters was a large plate of steaming chocolate chip cookies – which were all roughly the size of about a CD. Midnight licked her lips when she saw the large bits of chocolate that were practically oozing out of the cookies. "Hmm, I am a guest here in this house, so it's only reasonable that I should be able to…"

Midnight didn't finish her justification before she ran to the plate, snatched up a single cookie, and chomped down on it. Almost immediately, her taste buds went into overdrive and stars appeared in the young Mightyena Moemon's eyes! It was the best chocolate that Midnight had ever had!

Before she knew it, Midnight had polished off that first cookie, "Ah! That was awesome! The rich really do get better perks!"

Turning away from the batch of cookies, Midnight struggled to prevent herself from snatching another… Too bad it was a losing battle…

"One more can't hurt… Or maybe two more…"

Midnight kept one eye on the cookies while using the other to scan the room for intruders. Slowly, her fingers crept up to the plate and snatched another flakey confection. Taking a rather large bite out of it, she chewed slowly so as to savor the taste flooding into her mouth. "Man these're good!" she raved, taking another chunk out of her prize. The Mighteyena girl, feeling comfortable enough with herself, decided to plunder the fridge for something to wash it down with.

Keeping two fingers gripped tightly around her snack, Midnight slowly scanned the fridge for milk. "Hmm... now where-" she cut herself off, unable to go without chocolate long enough to finish her sentence, "coohd id be?" she finished with a mouthful of masticated cookie. Lowering her upper body deeper into the fridge, our heroine continued to nose her way through the refridgeration unit while hapilly munching away on her cookie, generous rump stuck straight up in the air.

She fiddled with a drawer on the lowermost part of the fridge clearly labeled 'milk', only to find that it was locked. "Well this blows." she growled, ignoring the set of chocolate fingerprints she left on the handle, "How am I supposed to eat cookies without milk?" she gruffly lamented, standing erect now with one hand on her hip indignantly. She took another bite and shoved what remained in her mouth, "Dere'sh gohtta be a key shumwere..." she swallowed, eyes travelling over to the cubbards, "In there maybe?"

Grabbing another cookie off the plate on her way by, Midnight swaggered over to the cubbards. Her searching may have been more effective if she would have used both hands. "Dammit..." she nibbled on the sides of her cookie (one stray chocolate chip marred the sides, she couldn't have that), "Now where is-"

"The key?" a soft voice cut off Midnight's monologue, causing the sexy moemon to nearly jump out of her cutoffs. It belonged to a rather Wigglytuff moemon, one with a baby face and a prodigious belly billowing out from his waist. "Oh, uh..." she stammered, having been caught with gooey brown hands rummaging through the kitchen, "Yeah." The moemon, presumed to be the chef judging by his smock, smiled knowingly, "Top lefthand cubbard, and that key is taped inside the dishwasher." the young man lifted up a portion of his belly blubber to reveal a keyring, "Or it was until I found where Shera hid it."

Midnight smiled as he waddled over to the row of cubbards, standing on his tiptoes to unlock the obviously modified tumbler. 'I can see why she hid them, chunks...' Midnight snickered to herself as she watched his belly fold over the counter top. "Thanks a lot, but how did you know I wanted milk?" Midnight asked, now perfectly content to let fatso here break out the milk as she leaned against the counter and munched on another cookie. "It's alright, we all get those cravings every now and then." he said calmly, bending down to fiddle with the lock, ('some more than others apparantly') "But we don't all leave chocolate fingerprints on the drawers, it's fine though." he grunted as he stood erect with the desired dairy product, "I've left my share too."

Midnight bit into her cookie boredly, not all to interested in who this guy was or what he had to say about her leaving fingerprints everywhere. "Yeah, thanks." she said curtly, lumbering around the room in search for a glass. Settling on some that looked clean enough in the sink, she let the Wigglytuff moemon fill hers up as she started again on her delicious chocolatey confection. "So, you really like chocolate chips, huh?" he asked, grabbing one for himself as he attempted to make small talk with the new guest. Immediately she started to leer at him.

"What makes you say that?" she spat

"Well, it's all over your fingers, my kitchen, and the corners of your mouth." he chuckled as he took a swig of milk for himself. Midnight wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and sure enough, there on her tan skin was a smudge of chocolate. "Shut up." she chuckled. "I'm Wester." the Wigglytuff moemon laughed. "Midnight, I'm staying here for the night while the storm clears up." she answered

"Oh good, then you'll get to stay for dinner!" Wester said excitedly, hefting his fat body from the counter and waddling over to the onion, "Roast Duck and Stuffing."

Midnight raised one of her black brows, "Roast Duck, rich people really eat that stuff?" she asked, "It does sound pretty good though..." she touched her stomach lightly, which was pretty full up from her innocent snack of "just one cookie" Wester grabbed an oven mitt and reached inside the firebox, touching up some arrangements that went unseen from Midnight's angle, "Go ahead, pull up a chair and wait, it'll be done in a little bit."

That's when the little voice in Midnight's head that usually went ignored – Her conscious kicked in. Saying that although she was a major choco-holic, Midnight knew that she had to limit herself, after all, she had a figure that she had to maintain. She certainly didn't want Ali to get on her tail about being a butterball. "Thanks, but no thanks Wester. I gotta go find the rest of my crew. Knowing those two, they're probably lost somewhere in this place."

"I see," Wester sighed as he drooped his head slightly. "Well, in that case, may I suggest that you bring some of those sweets to your friends? I heard from Shera that you three were out in the rain, and something sweet would probably do wonders for your friends."

Midnight grimaced slightly as she watched Wester scoop up quite a few of the remaining cookies (roughly, he packed about fifteen more) into a paper bag. "Sure, that'd great."

She knew that if she took those cookies from Wester, then there was no way that they'd make it to her two companions. But Midnight could never say no to chocolate…

Meanwhile, with our other two heroines…

Ali was a bit bored with how things turned out, she was expecting to see some weird and fascinating items that the better off would have. But instead, here she was, sitting amongst a large pile of dusty old books.

The moment that Fontina knew that there was library in the mansion the Vaporeon Moemon dragged Ali to the room and had begun her search for knowledge. Normally, Fontina was quiet and usually agreed with what the others wanted to do… Unless there was something to do with books.

It was then that Fontina would break out of her shy shell and become a book fanatic, practically getting absorbed in her literature, there was a few times that because of this that the group had to stay in a town for longer than expected.

At least with the weather outside, the team was going to lose days anyway but…


Ali sighed as she watched Fontina dash from shelf to shelf, and each time she added another book to her arms. Normally, Ali would be more than happy to cater to Fontina's desire for knowledge since she hardly was able to do anything for herself. But with the storm and Midnight's attitude, Ali's resolve was thinning quickly.

So, jumping from the seat of books she was on, Ali decided that she would go on her own tour… Or at the very least try to find the kitchen in an attempt to find something that would quell her stomach's groans.

"Oh Dewey Dunsparce, how I love your decimal system..." Fontina cooed over the shelves upon shelves of books that the mansion had accumulated. Ali playfully wretched over the sickening affection her aquatic friend was showing, "Hey, I'm gonna go see if I can't find the kitchen." she said, hopping down from her perch on top of a pile of books, "Want anything if I don't get lost?"

"No..." Fontina said dreamilly, finally settling on a starting point in her armful. "Suit yourself, but I'm starving!" the petite girl waved back at her literature-lost friend and started towards the door.

"Oh?" Fontina asked, checking the cover of a purple leather bound book, "This one sounds interesting; 'Heavy Consequences: Tales of Mythology and Vengeance of the Honen Region'..."


If outside was cold, then the uppermost level of the house was freezing. Apparently, the heating units installed on the first and second floor were deemed adequate enough to heat the whole house long before the third floor was even constructed. Luckily enough, Ali was a fire-type Moemon, so her suffering was minimal.

Either way, she could still see her breath.

"Brr... it's freezing up here!" she shivered, pulling the rolled up sleeves on her hoodie down to her wrists and bundling up in the oversized jacket. "Why's it have to be so c-cold?!" Her knees buckled and her teeth chattered, the vast outer cold triumphing over the fire that lay naturally in her belly. Even her short black hair seemed frozen to her face, especially since coming straight from the horrible weather outside.

But alas, complaining did her little good; either way her tiny frame wasn't properly insulated for the harsh conditions of the third floor, fire type or not. She turned around, dead set on heading back downstairs where the temperature was moderate to warm.

Slowly, the young Quilava moemon shivered down the hallway in an attempt to backtrack the way she came. Or, at least the way she thought she came. Apparently she took a wrong turn somewhere, because she wasn't any closer to the stairwell than when she turned around! Defeated, she hung her head low and turned back around...

Only to wind up even more lost.

Ali panicked, she could hear her little heart beating in her flat chest as the anticipation grew higher and higher. Thoughts flooded her head;

"What if I never get out of here?"

"What if one of these maids is a murder?!"


"This is how I'm going to die, isn't it?!"

Eventually, she shook them off, shifting gears until her little legs were carrying her at top speed!

There was no way she was gonna freeze to death up here, no way she was going to just give up and die when there were so many more adventures to have with Fontina (and Midnight, when she wasn't a pain) the fire within burned brightly as she continued down the dimly lit, identical hallways in a fruitless attempt to-

"Oomph!" a sugar-sweet voice cried as Ali ran into something soft and jiggly. It was a Dewgong moemon, and one of the biggest moemon Ali had ever seen at that! Covered all over in thick fat, this thick cream beauty queen was a sight to behold with her silver locks cascading down to the floor, pale icy skin unblemished or marred in any way and looking very much like snow, albei stuffed into a double-x-l maid's uniform. Her big blue eyes stared down at Ali's. Innocently the large woman started to giggle, sending her pillowy stomach (acting as Ali's makeshift airbag currently) ajiggle.

"PLEASE DON'T MURDER ME!!" Ali cowered, jumping back from the marshmallowy woman's billowing belly in her initial shock and recoil.

"Oh aren't you just the cutest little thing?" she cooed, "Are you lost, little girl?"

"I'M NOT LITTLE!!" Ali roared, forgetting her initial fear of the dark upper level, "I'M JUST VERTICALLY CHALLENGED!!"

The Dewgong Moemon stifled an amused giggle, "Oh I'm sorry, I was told we'd be having guests, I take it you're one of them?" Ali snorted, looking up at the massive woman sorely, "Yeah, I'm staying with my friends; why's it so flippin' cold up here?" she asked indignantly, now feeling the goosebumps crawl back up her legs. "Is it?" the woman was obviously either suffering from hypolthermia or a complete airhead, "I never really noticed!"

'Probably all that thick fat...' Ali muttered under her breath

"Hmm? What was that?" the maid moemon leaned in closer, "O-Oh nothing!" Ali jumped back, "S-So how about we get out of here; preferrably somewhere warm?" again she looked bubbleheaded, "But it's warm enough up here, isn't it?"


Instead of shouting back, the Dewgong moemon merely curtsey politely (revealing some creamy white thigh blubber stuffed into some stockings) and cross her hands in a very ladylike fashion that rested atop her porminent stomach. "No, I'm Clair but it's very nice to meet you." Ali blinked, not entirely sure how to respond to such a bubbleheaded question, "Er... Ali, and I wasn't asking if that was your name, I was just-"

"Ooh, I just felt a chill!" Claire said excitedly, "Why don't we find somewhere a little warmer?"


End of Chapter 1
Here it is! Our debut story here on DeviantArt - The first in what I hope is many stories about Moemon Weight gain (which, honestly there's a definite lack of on this site).

So, first, welcome! We are Mad Evil Industries! I say we because this is a joint DA account from two people on Writing Dot Com - Consisting of Evil Genius and Bobo the Hobo, and as such, if you recognize this then this story is from the good old sight (the story is actually here - [link] - So, check it out and add to the stories we've got lined up).

Now, for the story itself, well, there's no weight gaining in this chapter to begin with, but rest assurred, there is plenty of fanservice for you all to enjoy in this chapter and for you to look forward to future chapters. So, show us your love and give us some feedback.

Ali, Midnight, Fontina and the other characters in this story are of our design, but we don't own the fine genre from where they come from. That's Nintendo, Gamefreak, and all the stockholders who thought ahead.

Later Days!
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The funny things is that i just started using again to read stories specifically with entries by you two. I love what you have done on that site, i love what you have done here so far, and i warmly welcome you to DA with a watch of approval :+devwatch:
MadEvilIndustries Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011
Hey, great to hear it. And thanks to DA, we can actually put pictures of our girls up lol.
Narcisius Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2011
Improv ftw. :3
GizesNumbers Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
This brings up a curious question. What about installments of the tale not written by either of you?
MadEvilIndustries Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
We'll improvise. Simple as that.
GizesNumbers Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010
That works too.
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