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The Mystifying Massive Manor

A Moemon WG Story

Mad Evil Industries
Chapter 2

Will Power, Dinner and Bath time


Surprisingly, it didn't take long for Claire to lead Ali down to the third floor, of course for Ali; it didn't seem like that, mainly because of all the questions that Claire was shooting the young Quilava Moemon every other minute.

"So, you and your friends travel? Must be exciting."

"Well, it has its ups and downs."

"What are your friends like?"

"I'm sure you'll meet them very soon, after all they're staying here too."

"Really? You're actually seventeen?"


"We're here!" Claire announced, making Ali jump once more.

While she was answering questions, Ali didn't realize that the two had reached the third floor a few minutes ago and were actually walking through the hallway. However, Claire had stopped them both in front of a single room, "And, where's here?"

"Well, dear," Claire answered as she turned slightly, swaying her large hips in the process as she opened the door. "This is the third floor."

Ali could feel the blood in her body start to boil slightly, "Uh, I knew that, I'm asking specifically, why are we here at this room?"

Claire didn't answer quickly, instead she opted to open the door, and the moment she did, a warm and sweet smell rushed from the room. Almost immediately, Ali's eyes widened when she took a whiff of that smell, and her stomach growled loudly, reminding the young Quilava Moemon of the very reason why she had trekked the mansion after leaving Fontina.

"Well, as your stomach just suggested," Claire giggled as she stepped to the side, her large body sloshing at the same time. "And since you were complaining about the cold, I figured the best way to cure that would be to get something warm in your stomach."

Claire gestured to Ali to look into the room, but she was still a little unsure about the larger Moemon's intentions, so, keeping her distance, Ali peered into the room and her eyes grew even wider at the sight!

Inside the room there were several boxes (roughly about thirty or so) each with a familiar logo labeled on them – It was the logo for the region's biggest producers of baked goods – Swinub Sweets. "W-What the?"

"Welcome to the staff lounge," Claire explained as she began to push Ali into the room, using only her mammoth gut to easily push the smaller girl into the room. "This place is where the staff likes to relax on break or the master is away."

"B-But what's with all the baked goods?" Ali asked, trying not to drool at the sight of them all – Swinub Sweets were known to be the best in the region, but were deathly expensive because of it.

"Oh, you see, every day the master likes to import some of the best sweets for his staff," Clair explained as she opened up one of the boxes. "But he forgot to lower the order while he was away, so, we have an excess."

That's when Claire produced a rather large bear claw donut, instantly making Ali gulp and look at it with envious eyes, "Feel free to help yourself, they'll just go to waste if no one eats them, little girl."

"W-Well if you put it that way," Ali replied as she gingerly took the bear claw. "And I'm not a little girl!"

Claire only giggled at Ali's protest, and watched as Ali brought the bear claw up to her mouth…

… And the moment that Ali's tongue touched the donut, tears appeared in the corners of her eyes, "S-So good…"

It didn't take long for Ali to immediately down that bear claw and immediately ran to another box, looking for another sweet. All the while, Claire helped herself to a donut as well, watching as Ali began to rummage through the large box of donuts.

Back in the library…

It hardly registered with Fontina that her friend Ali had left the room only moments ago, mainly because the young Vaporeon Moemon was already absorbed in the purple leather bound text that she had come across. Seating herself on the floor near the rest of the books she had scoured from the shelves, Fontina began to read the text out loud. "To whom it may concern…"

'Do not read this text for the things you read are not a work of fiction but are based on true facts. In this mysterious world of ours, curses are real – Quite contrary to those who believe otherwise. From these first few pages on, you will be safe from whatever perils this book may entail, but do not read another page further for your own safety.

Thank you for buying a copy of 'Heavy Consequences: Tales of Mythology and Vengeance of the Honen Region,' your contribution is greatly appreciated.'

-Signed, Author Maxwell Burton'

"Wow! What a clever writing strategy!" Fontina exclaimed with a smile on her face. "The author makes the book a forbidden fruit and temps the reader to continue onwards by saying not to! I can tell that this is going to be a good read!"

Just as Fontina was about to turn the page however…

"OW!" the Vaporeon Moemon yelped as she held up her finger, and immediately stuck it in her mouth. 'Stupid paper cuts!'

While Fontina was busy nursing her minor wound, she didn't realize that there was a weird glow that was basking the book. But, by the time she would've noticed, the glow had disappeared.

- 1 Hour Later…-

"… And so to all those who have read these cursed tales," Fontina read aloud. "I wish you the best of luck to you and those you are closest with. There are big things in your future, but not in the sense that you would realize it."

Closing the book, Fontina sighed loudly in joy, "What a good read. Really just the thing a person needs on a rainy day is a good book to curl up with and…"

Just as Fontina was about to continue, a loud growl echoed through the library, making Fontina blush when she realized that the growl didn't come from a feral beast, but rather her own tiny stomach. "Oh my, I-I wonder if that dinner that Shera promised is ready?"

Placing the book on her pile (in hopes of continuing her reading after dinner), Fontina began to head to exit, but as she did, she didn't notice that the book fell to the ground, sending a loose page from it onto the floor.

The page read – "With a mark of crimson, the curse is complete. To those who bear this fate, your destiny will be laden with sweet. No matter how fast or strong ye be, this curse will make all of that a thing of the past. For with each calorie you take, for a fortnight it will last.

"And to those who travel with this cursed one, cut your ties before it's too late. Least all who traveled with this cursed one when this curse be cast, will all share the same fate."

Another page floated to the ground as well, with a small translation note to it, "Basically, the one who's cursed will have a hyper slow metabolism and so will those who traveled with her, as well as having an additional curse…"

That can't be a good sign (or maybe it's the best sign since you're expecting something like this to happen in a story like this).

"Oh jeej... nohw whe'e doo I..." Midnight asked aloud as her slender finger travelled the two dimensional rendition of the manor, sputtering a few cookie crumbs on the glass framing. "Okay iph de room ish here..." she pointed to a segment of squares on the second floor, "den wait..."

Midnight paused to swallow her chewed mess of chocolate dough, taking a minute to appreciate just how magically delicious each and every one of them were; eleven cookies in and she still wasn't bored!

As if that surprising number weren't enough, Midnight's hand instinctively shot back into the bag and grabbed another gooey chocolate chipped morsel. "Oh wait, crap, I lost my place!" the canine Moemon growled as she started to scratch her head. Without thinking, she took the first bite of her plunder while backtracking her finger's pointed positions on the map; the chocolate stains made it easy enough.

"So... if I take this hallway, those stairs, I should be near our room?" she asked aloud, swallowing and chomping methodically.

Midnight was totally aware that she had already downed more than her share of cookies already, and frankly she didn't really care. She was lost, cold, and wearing poorly dried off clothes. While she would have liked to say no to these wonderful little bites of milk-chocolate heaven for the sake of beauty, she was an avid chocoholic before she was rational. And right now, she needed something to keep her preoccupied. It was either eat cookies or mouth off to her absent friends. More often than not it turned out to be both.

"Gah, this is all because of my stupid ex-best-friends!" she growled, nibbling furiously on her current snack, "Aliskank and... and... oh screw it, it's all their faults!!" Midnight roared as she stormed down the hallway, unable to come up with a suitable mockery for Fontina's fairly uncommon name. "Well nerts to them, this means that I get all their cookies!" she stuck out her slender pink tongue to no one, only to pull it back in as she polished off yet another treat.

"I mean sherioushly, deshe're great!" she cooed, squinting her eyes and smiling as she chomped away at the supposedly "shared" cookies, loaded with enough to fill up any normal three Moemon with sugary sweetness. Midnight was far from the normal Moemon. All throughout her self-guided tour the Mightyena Moemon happily munched away at her bounty; in the music room, dining room, the study, lounge, den, every room she meandered about in Midnight always had at least a bite of cookie in her mouth. She would really have to thank that Wester guy later if the storm didn't clear up.

She reached one lightly browned hand into the bag, only to discover that besides the one she was holding; there were only two left!

"W-Wow..." she stammered, staring at the vast emptiness inside her bag, "I-I knew I was breaking into Ali's share but I intended to leave some for Fontina!" she gasped, lamenting over her last cookie sadly, "I guess I better save them for-"

"Midnight?" Fontina's voice broke the soliloquy abruptly; having suddenly popped out of the library and giving her travelling companion quite a fright in the process. Acting upon her natural instincts as an addict, she quickly removed and trace that remained of her binge.

… By eating it.

Shoving the three remaining disks into her mouth, Midnight quickly choked them down and turned on her heels to face the aquatic Moemon. "O-Oh, hey F-Fontina!!" she stuttered, face turning bright red in embarrassment.

"Who were you talking to just now, and what's that in your mouth?" the Vaporeon Moemon eyed her friend laughed

"N-No one, that's who; and mind your own damn business!" she snapped, balling up the empty bag and silently tossing it behind her, "A-And who are you to give me the third degree after you and Ali left me all alone in that scary dark room, huh?! I thought we were friends!" she hissed venomously at her friend, only for her to stutter nervously in response.

"I-I'm sorry Midnight but you were taking a shower, we left you a note!" she fibbed, knowing her hotheaded friend well enough to jump to a conclusion about her jumping to a conclusion.

It worked. Midnight stammered, growing even redder as her face twisted into one of embarrassment on confusion, "I-I uh... Well I didn't get it!!" she finally answered, heading opposite to where she threw her garbage, "Now come on, I think I smell dinner!"

Fontina giggled, satisfied with her innocent ruse as she tailed her Mightyena friend. At the word 'dinner', something seemed to light up in Fontina's stomach, and she was more than eager to finally get something warm in her belly!

And Midnight's nose knows best, because there was a warm and succulent smell lofting through the mansion's air, and certainly allowed Midnight to breathe in the lovely odor with some drool appearing in the corner of her mouth (despite the fact that her stomach was actually quite full of chocolate). "Hmm, Wester was right, that does smell awesome."

"Wester?" Fontina questioned blinking a few times behind her glasses. "Who's that?"

"Just some dough boy of a chef," Midnight answered waving her hand up near her head. "Met him when I was trying to find you and… Say, where'd the little runt get to?"

"Hmm?" Fontina mused as she rubbed her chin. "I… I honestly don't know. I was somewhat busy with a book."

A large drop of sweat rolled down the side of Midnight's head when she heard that, "Books, eh? That makes sense, you usually do get absorbed whenever you get a book in your hands."

"Huh?" Fontina yelped with a blush on her face. "I, I do?"

"… You've never noticed before?" Midnight questioned with a shake of her head. "Whatever, look, I'm not in the mood to try to find that washboard of a teammate of ours."

"She said she was looking for something to eat," Fontina pointed out. "So, she might be at the…"

"Great," Midnight growled with a roll of her chocolate colored eyes (it was a bit of irony on her part). "Then let's go."

A few minutes later, and thanks to Midnight's keen nose, the two beautiful Moemon had arrived at the destination – An insanely large dinning hall that had lush red carpet and beautiful wooden walls. And in the middle of the large room was a long table that had several types of delicious foods that were lined on it.

Both Midnight and Fontina were in awe (Midnight was a little worried about her slightly full stomach) of the mighty meal, so much that they didn't realize the other three people in the room… At least until…

"Ah! Girls! Perfect timing!"

Both Midnight and Fontina jumped slightly when a familiar plump face appeared before them – Shera with a warm smile on her face. "You're just in time for dinner, and it was just brought out! I hope you two have an appetite!"

"Um, S-Shera," Fontina muttered with a cold sweat rolling down the side of her head. "W-What's with this meal? I-It looks like it's for twenty people!"

"Well, we usually do have twenty people here," Shera explained as she gestured to the side, revealing that there were two more people in the room, both of them seated at the table. "So Wester's gotten used to making large meals, so, we've been having quite a few leftovers. But enough about that, you two must meet the other two who are here!"

Gesturing to the right, Shera pointed out to another Moemon in the room, this one (unlike most of the other staff members in the mansion) was actually quite sleek and thin. He had long white hair (with a streak of purple on the side) that covered up the left side of his rather handsome face. With his legs up on the table, the Moemon revealed that his sleek figure was dressed in a white butler's outfit with classy black shoes. At the sight of him, Midnight's heart skipped a beat – He was an Absol Moemon!

"Walker, please say hello to our guests," Shera requested.

The Absol Moemon merely sighed as he waved his hand up through the air towards the two girls, without speaking a word.

"Oh well, Walker's not much of a talker," Shera sighed before she turned to her left. "And we've got our own spark of life in here as well…"


It was almost impressive to see the other Moemon bounding up to Fontina and Midnight, even odder was the fact that she was shorter than both of them (roughly Ali's height) and was dressed in a manner that resembled that of Shera's outfit – Cept for the fact that if it was on anyone else, it would look like a huge blanket since it was roughly a triple XL version! She was basically a large butterball (how she was able to move quickly was a mystery) with deep tan, almost giving her a red tint on her skin which matched her dark crimson colored and curled hair. As stated, she was quite huge, and thanks to her height, she was almost a ball of blubber with two large breasts, a huge behind and a gut that looked like a slightly filled water balloon (which was ironic since she was a Vulpix Moemon). "NICE TO MEET YOU ALL!"

"This ball of energy is Ember," Shera introduced as the cute butter ball nodded her head several times.

"IT'S ALWAYS GOOD TO MEET PEOPLE!" Ember laughed as she shook Fontina's hands and then made a shot towards Midnight's… Only to miss as the dark skinned beauty pulled them away. "Aw…"

"Now Ember," Shera explained as she pushed the smaller maid back to her seat. "Our guests are tired and hungry, please go back to your seat."

"Awe…" Ember moaned.

"Man what is up with this mansion?" Midnight muttered to Fontina, making sure no one could hear her. "Cept for that cutie Walker, everyone's a porker here!"

"It's a bit concerning," Fontina replied with sheepish chuckle. "But I'm sure we don't have to worry, now, hurry up and get to your seat. We don't wanna look rude."

"Whatever," Midnight sighed as she began to walk over to Walker, a smirk on her face as her intentions were as clear as day.

Just as Fontina was about to sit down, the doors opened once more, allowing Ali (who was clutching her stomach in what could be pain) being led by a large, doughy Dewgong Moemon Maid (Claire).

"Ah! Claire, excellent timing!" Shera announced as Ember climbed into her seat (which groaned loudly). "And you've got our final guest!"

Ali took one look at the food on the table and gulped as she held her stomach, but before she could get a word in, Claire giggled slightly, "Poor little child was wandering on the third floor, so I gave her a small snack and we both headed straight here."

"S-Small?" Ali asked with her eyes widening.

"Anyway, let's enjoy our meal with our guests!" Shera announced.

"M-Meal?" Ali groaned as Claire pulled the stuffed looking Quilava Moemon to a seat.

Fontina looked a little concerned for her friend, but Midnight on the other hand was keeping her eyes on Walker…

Regardless, the glorious feast commenced; each prim and proper member of the house quite used to following dinner etiquette and proper manners. Their guests were not as refined, to say the least. Save for Fontina, the group was loud, boisterous and rude. On several instances talking with their mouths full and even starting a small argument over which hair care product worked better, resulting in dirty looks and threats to settle things after dinner.

If one could see those two hell-raisers now that undoubtedly violent settlement would obviously be overlooked for tonight; as they had made true pigs out of themselves this evening. It would be a miracle if any of them could carry their ready-to-blow stomachs upstairs at this point.

"Ohh..." all three of the Moemon groaned from their seated positions at the table. Ali, farthest away from her group on the left-hand side next to Ember, clutched her aching middle as the devoured food took it's vengeance upon her digestive system. Midnight, sitting directly across from Shera on the left, was already quite wary of her waistline due to her earlier chocolate binge; absolutely refusing to unbutton her cutoff jeans while that hottie mctottie butler could see her. Fontina on the other hand was having very different troubles, ones that involved getting adequate oxygen to her lungs while struggling to digest all the great food she had just inhaled.

"Never." Ali grunted, giving up and unbuckling her belt attachment, "Eating. Again."

"Oh, so you're not gonna eat that-" Ember was cut off as Ali shot a death glare past her.

"Fine. Eating. Once." she mumbled, finding Ember's touchy attitude towards her plate somewhat insulting. As she swallowed that last morsel, her tummy cried out in pain.

"Are you sure, this roasted duckie looks mighty tasty!" Ember chanted childishly as she grabbed what remained of the roast duck in the center of the table (to "dispose of"), reaching past her swollen gut causing her upper body to wobble in her uniform.

"Please. Don't talk. Anymore. Ever." Ali managed before giving into the pressure, fully undoing one notch on her skirt now. "So full..."

From her reclined position at the table, Midnight's slender fingers rubbed her distended tummy fruitlessly, the intense pain not leaving her slender beautiful body. What made it worse was that everyone could see how swollen she was underneath the silvery, reflective top she had chosen; her abdomen looked like the top of a disco ball!

"Urp." she belched quietly, looking around to see if anyone noticed anything, "Oh crap, did sweet cheeks Walker hear that?!" the black haired Mightyena Moemon whispered as she nudged her blue haired counterpart with her elbow; unfortunately right in the poor girl's stomach.

"Jeez..." Fontina felt blue in the face, she almost couldn't breath. It was true that she had a killer figure with almost all body fat placed very strategically, but her meek appetite was nowhere near that of Ali's or Midnight's. She fiddled with a button on her white blouse, sighing lightly as she finally relieved some intense pressure on her middle.

"That feels... excellent..." she let out a puff of air, usual skin color returning to her face slowly.

"Well that surely was an... eventful meal!" Shera chirped from her seat, "Girls, if you would like some pajamas to change into after you wash up before bed, I'd be glad to assist you." she said merrily; moving with little to no extra difficulty despite having ingested the exact same amount of food as Fontina.

'Probably used to it, cow.' Midnight chuckled. Karma soon took action as her giggling sent a wave of pain radiating up and down her body.

"Sounds... great." Ali grunted, "You in Fontina?"

"Oh, lovely, thank you so-" she stifled a polite little belch, "much Shera."

"Oh no, not at all, it's my pleasure." the Kangashkan Moemon smiled, "And Ms. Midnight, will you be joining your friends in-"

"Not now. Thank you." Midnight huffed, watching conclusively as the gawdly hot Absol Moemon made his way into the kitchen to clean up, "Gotta score... man cake..."

"Oh forget it kibble-brain." Ali quipped, struggling to stand and still teetering due to her new awkward balance, "He's not... ugh... he's not going anywhere." the teensy Moemon struggled to form the words.

Midnight tried to retort, come back with a one-liner, and even tried to get up by herself. But couldn't deliver on all three accounts. "Yeah... you're right... help me up."

"I must say, it was quite a lively dinner," Shera explained as she led the team through the hallways, a small bag filled with pajamas slung over her arm. "I daresay you girls certainly brought life to this dreary mansion, you certainly remind me of the young master."

Shera would've gotten an answer from her guests, but Fontina and Ali were holding their stomachs, teetering on the brink of pain or a possible food coma. The only thing that Shera got was a pair of groans.

Which was weird, since there should've been three groans…

This was because Midnight had other things on her mind (other than the pain that was radiating from her stomach); she slowly crept into the kitchen watching as the handsome Walker was bringing the dishes to the plump Claire. Wester was no where in sight as Midnight watched from her hiding space, normally she would've just confronted Walker, but after that dinner binge, Midnight's confidence wasn't the strongest at the moment.

So she opted for just watching the Absol Moemon.

It was a rarity for Midnight to find a handsome male Dark type Moemon, especially in her home town since most of the other local dark-types were related to her (she had a lot of brothers, sisters, and cousins), and other than a few other Dark-Types that she managed to 'hook up' with during her travels, she didn't opt for anything serious (of course, Fontina's older brother Noir was an Umbreon Moemon, and he was pretty easy on the eyes) – But for right now, all Midnight saw was the cute Walker…

… Who was now heading right towards the exit of the kitchen!

'Alright,' Midnight thought as she zipped up her leather jacket, using it to help cover her slightly distended belly, and yet managed to zip it up just under her impressive bust. 'Time to use the good old Midnight charm, going to be hard, my sexy stomach isn't one of my weapons now.'

That's when Walker exited the kitchen, stopping when the Absol Moemon noticed Midnight leaning up against the wall, "… What?"

Midnight blinked a few times, Walker had a softer voice than she would've figured, oh well, that just made him cuter. "Walker, right? You seem to be different from the others here."

"Just started working here," Walker simply stated, only keeping his head turned towards Midnight. "And I work out… A lot."

'Hmm… Keeping that sexy body sleek, eh?' Midnight thought, sauntering up to Walker, making the Absol Moemon raise an eyebrow. "So, Walker, you ever think about traveling? You look like you'd be quite the adventurer."

"… Really?" Walker replied in a dull tone.

"Yeah, in fact," Midnight snickered as she wrapped an arm around Walker's shoulders. "How would you like to go on a fantastic adventure tonight?"

"Sorry," Walker answered, pulling away from Midnight to walk away. "I have chores to complete."

Midnight just stood there dumbfounded as she watched Walker walk out of the room, 'Was it my behavior at the dinner table? Was it my belch!? Or… Or could he not be into me?'


"I'll be sure to escort Miss Midnight to your room when I find her," Shera offered as she handed Fontina the bag of pajamas. "You two take a nice warm bath and get some rest. If the storm lets up in the morning, then you'll all need to be well rested."

"R-Right," Fontina replied as Shera closed the door behind her. "Well now Ali, s-shall we… Is something wrong?"

Laying on the bed, Ali moaned loudly as she caressed her taut stomach, "Ooogh, too much… W-Way too much."

"Come on Ali," Fontina said as she winced at her own tight stomach. "We need to get washed up…"

"W-Water and me…" Ali groaned…

However, this wasn't going to be an argument, Ali was being pulled off the bed by Fontina and being dragged on the floor heading towards the bathroom. "No!"

Unfortunately, thanks to her stuffed body, Ali couldn't fight Fontina from dragging her into the bath.

A few minutes later…

"Ohh..." Ali moaned sorely, she couldn't help but think that the accumulative pressure in her middle might now have been so unbearable if she could just lay down.

But no, Fontina insisted that she bathe first. Ali reminded her constantly, "Water and me don't mix, water and me don't mix!" but her pleas were ignored. The hydrophobic Moemon had been submerged into the warm waters of the claw-footed tub in a seated position. Too stuffed to even think straight; let alone bathe herself.

Her pale skin was flawless save for a birthmark on her back, and she was quite toned. The steam from the heated stew brushed against her chin and some was caught underneath her black bangs. Her usually bright eyes seemed glazed somewhat as she reclined at the edge of the tub, staring off into nothingness as the pain worked its way through her body. Her stomach, strong and fit, was pushed outwards into a taut semi-sphere. At the slightest disturbance, the water around her would ripple and eventually hit her ticking time bomb belly and cause great pain.

"Ohh..." she moaned again, using one dry hand to subconsciously touch the tender sphere on her middle, not even wincing at the intense waving pain that followed her slight touch.

"No one's gonna save you, if that's what you're thinking." Fontina, just as tired and stuffed as her friend, broke the awkward silence throughout the bathroom, "The sooner you finish up, the sooner you can get out."

The blue haired Moemon sat on the closed toilet seat lid, legs crossed precariously and flipping through a book she had packed just for such an occasion. Having undressed from her usual attire already, Fontina donned a two-piece pair of jammies with a white base and pink vertical stripes; proving a little too small for her voluptuous body as her generous curves more than filled the size-too-small outfit. However, she completely abandoned her big round glasses as they kept fogging up with steam.

"I don't wanna." Ali grunted defensively, "I wanna stay right here and never move again. Not until I digest all that food."

Fontina giggled, "That's not very good for your metabolism, Ali."


"Shut it." she chuckled dimwittedly, stuffed stasis leaving her not all quite there yet, "Alright, I'll hurry it up... but don't ever throw me in water again or I'll torch all of your books." Fontina smiled, "Deal, now hurry up, I'm getting to a good stopping point and-"


A foreign voice shouted through the air, barging into their bathroom with reckless abandon towards occupation.

Both Ali and Fontina immediately realized it was Ember – The runty little dough ball of a Moemon from dinner! Already completely nude, her body did a natural job of censorship as her big brown belly lapped over her crotch, anything indecent was covered in a thick creamy flubber that jiggled wildly as she rested her leg (used to literally kick in the door).

"Oh, hi everybody!" the obese Vulpix Moemon smiled innocently at the two.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Ali shot up and immediately covered her practically non-existent breasts, sending horrible stomach pains up and down her body and causing the water to rustle wildly.

"EMBER?!" Fontina blushed as she noticed that the immense vulpix Moemon was naked, "W-WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES?!"

Ember's triple chinned face turned blank for a second before her wide grin reappeared onto her face, "You can't take a bubble bath clothed, silly!" she said loudly, taking it upon herself to waddle right into the middle of the lavatory. "Oh, you want to take a bath together?"


As if not listening to Ali's obvious disdain for the idea, the rotund little woman laughed boisterously, "Aw, but it'll be fun!!" Ember giggled as she took her first step into the tub, "We can wash each other's backs!!"

Ali watched, still protecting her minimum curves, as the spherical Moemon settled herself opposite to her. The minor inconvenience of the nozzle was ignored, as Ember's suffocating back fat swallowed the poor fixture as she leaned back in a seemingly comfortable position; thick doughy legs resting on top of Ali's and her jutting side rolls completely filling her side of the tub. The water, quite full already, poured out of the tub and into the floor with Ember's newly added mass. "See, it's not so bad!"

Ali and Fontina were shocked, appalled, and generally grossed out. Fontina because she had seen much more of this strange girl than she would have liked too, including a full shot of the big flabby back – and Ali for the exact same reason; except including that on top of everything, Ember's blubber was trying to eat her. Her toes, all soggy and pruney, just barely had enough elbow room to breath, and she could feel that big reddened gut resting heavily on her poor appendages. Things were quiet between the three, and very awkward. Finally someone broke the silence:

"...So is this your first time?"

"F-First time doing what, exactly?!" Fontina babbled.

And Ali could only respond with a, "YEAH, FIRST TIME WHAT?!"

Ember giggled again, the lowermost chins resting on her breasts (it seemed she had no neck at this point in her obesity) warbling around lightly.

"Group bathing!" Ember answered ecstatically, "I always come in here for Group-Bathing-Saturday!!"

Fontina stuttered, "Has anyone ever actually come to join you?!"

"G-Group Bathing?!" Ali hollered.

Probably not hearing the obvious protests, Ember reached for a washcloth and some soap. "Here, lemme show you Short Guest!"

Before Ali could retort, a wonderful sensation filled her belly. Her fellow fire type seemed very handy with a soapy rag; as she rubbed it up and down in a vertical fashion, the expected pain never arrived. What occurred was a lovely, somewhat tensing experience...

- One Awkward Hour later… -

"Okay, see you next week Group Bathers!!" Ember waved as she waddled out the door (still naked, mind you) and slammed the door shut behind her. The freshened up, and somewhat disturbed, pair of Ali and Fontina stood blankly; not even able to reciprocate her goodbye before she left.

"Hey, Fontina..." a now much better Ali peeped.


"She said that she came in here every week for Group Bathing, didn't she?"

"Yeah." Fontina agreed glumly, eyes blank and half opened behind her glasses

"So, if we're here for that long you think we should-"

"Hopefully we won't be here that long, but yes we should seriously consider switching rooms."

Now dressed in matching pajamas, although Ali's fit much more loosely than Fontina's, the two were completely ready for bed. Just as soon as they could push the grotesque, flab filled images out of their minds.

"Ready for bed?" Fontina turned to Ali, life returning to the grimacing Vaporeon Moemon.

"Yeah sure, why not?" Ali shrugged, "I'm either gonna dream I'm drowning or suffocating either way tonight so why not just get it over with?"

From the bedroom, the two heard the door slam; it was Midnight, fashionably late as usual.

"Where the hell were you?!" Ali barked, "We could have used you to fight off Ms. Touchy-Feely in the tub!"

Midnight shot Ali a glare, ferociously shoving some chocolate comfort food into her maw, "Back off, I've had a long night!" she growled, chewing madly on her recent acquisition from Wooster's kitchen. The rebel without a man slammed the door into the adjoining bedroom, leaving her two companions alone.


"Share a bed dear?" Fontina teased her fiery friend.

"Let's." Ali sighed, smiling at her aquatic friend.

It was a few hours since the whole bathing incident occurred, roughly about two a.m. to be specific, and ever since Midnight cursed herself to sleep, the night was quiet, save for the occasional crack of thunder, but even through that, our favorite trio was able to sleep soundly for the most part.

Midnight had one of the two beds in the room to herself, and was twisting and turning in her sleep. On the other bed, Ali and Fontina were sleeping, back to back, however the younger Quilava Moemon was shivering slightly every now and then, not out of being cold, but rather because of the nightmares that a certain butterball of a Moemon had caused her.

And Fontina, well, she was sleeping the best, now that the fullness in her stomach had finally subsided. Yet, there was a tight feeling that seemed to covered her entire form. However, that pristine sleep shattered when the latest thunder bolt snapped through the air, causing the slightly curvy Moemon's eyes to snap open. "Ah…"

Yawning loudly Fontina began to sit up in the bed, making sure that while she grabbed her glasses that she wouldn't disturb Ali or Midnight. "That's weird…"

Walking over to one of the windows, Fontina pulled the curtains to the side, blinking a few times at the sight of the very same storm that had forced the team to the mansion in the first place. Not only was the storm not getting weaker, Fontina could even swear that the storm itself wasn't even moving!

'This doesn't make any sense,' Fontina thought to herself as she continued to look at the storm, running her hand to her chin to rub it. 'I know that some storms would be able to clear up in a few hours, but it should've at least cleared up a little bit. Maybe I should check the weather channel in the morning to make sure that this storm will clear up.'

With a slight sigh, Fontina knew she wasn't going to be able to get any more sleep, so, heading towards the restroom, the Vaporeon Moemon decided to splash some water on her face and maybe read another one of the books that she had taken from the library. At the very least, if the storm didn't clear up in the morning, Fontina would be able to get some rest before the trio left the mansion.

Closing the door behind her and flicking on the light, Fontina headed for the sink and stopped when she looked in the mirror – Realizing something seemed off, although Fontina had a slightly cherubic face, she couldn't help but notice that there seemed to be a little extra curve to her face, nothing too noticeable.

But then, Fontina looked down, noticing that the tight pajamas that Shera had provided her seemed a bit different before she went to sleep. The buttons on the top near her already impressive bust seemed to strain quite a bit more, even showing a bit of skin in between the gaps. Because of that, the pajama top was raised a little bit over her stomach, which was oozing a little bit over the waist band of her pajama bottoms, giving her the beginnings of a muffin top.

A little psyched out, Fontina slowly reached behind her and grabbed her thighs and behind. They were soft, which was normally not too strange, but there seemed to be more to grab than usual. And the fact that the waist band on the pajama bottoms were actually cutting into her waist.

"W… Wh… What the?!" Fontina gasped as she staggered away from the mirror. With a loud gulp, Fontina began to run some water into the sink and immediately splashed some water into her face – Hoping that this was just some weird dream.

Too bad it wasn't.

"I… I know I ate a big meal," Fontina muttered shaking her face free of water as she put the glasses on her face. "But, it… It shouldn't be able to do this much damage!"

Taking a deep breath, Fontina calmed herself down, "There's a logical explanation for this… There has to be!"

Yeah, you were cursed, remember that book?

Anyway, Fontina nodded to herself, knowing what she had to do. In the morning, she would try to go for a walk around the mansion, if she kept active, then it was a given that she'd be able to at least keep the wait down until the group headed out from the mansion.

- End of Chapter 2 -
Second chapter! And this time we've got some lovely fan service for you all to enjoy!

So please, leave a comment and if you're confused on the characters, be sure to check out the first chapter here:
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