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The Mystifying Massive Manor

Chapter 3

By MadEvilIndustries


It was morning now, and the mansion seemed just barely more alive than it did last night. With the same dim lighting conditions and lack of sunshine, everything had a certain layer of gray to coat its natural color. Except for large rooms like the dining hall, which were equipped with more than their fair share of candles and electronic lighting, the attitude was dull and dreary.

Luckily enough, all the most fun rooms were lightly lit and attractive; especially the dining hall.

Desperate to hide her mysteriously acquired curves, Fontina had rummaged through the drawers in the room to find some workout attire. She had settled on a white hoodie and baggy blue sweats, both of which were far too big on the Moemon's figure, even now. And while everyone was eating, our self conscious little Vaporeon Moemon had opted out of the gorgeous breakfast laid out in front of her... just the sight of everyone's food made her poor stomach growl.

It was time for another meal in this strange new mansion, now serving breakfast, and everyone in employment had joined our three heroines at the dinner table for a scrumptious brekkie.

"Sho whash wit da shweats, Fondina?" Ali turned to her companion, talking through her current mouthful.

"Jeah, it looksh...frumpy." Midnight concurred as she took a large chomp out of a bagel.

"N-None of your business, thank you!!" Fontina said indignantly, her usually pale skin turning quite pink as she was given the third degree.

Fontina, usually kind and caring in regards to her friends and their wellbeing, was fretting far too much over her figure to notice the subtle differences in both Midnight and Ali's.

Take for instance the slightly pooching belly that swelled out ever so slightly from underneath the Mighteyena girl's silvery top, or how the rolled up black sleeves of Ali's hoodie seemed to dig into flesh that mysteriously materialized over night on the young Quilava moemon's skin. In short, Fontina wasn't the only one with a little extra pudge to go around, no matter how small it may be.

Across the room, the hired help seemed unchanged. Shera's plump tummy still lapped slightly over her belt, but no more so than usual. Claire's wide wobbling body proved flabby, but no more flabbier than last night. Walker's lithe form went unchanged and it was hard to imagine Ember being even fatter! But it was the way they ate, so reserved and mannered, that seemed to contradict their gluttonous and hoggish outer appearances.

The same could not be said of Fontina's no-class companions, who had once again lost themselves in the fancy cuisine.

"Oh man!!" Ali burped slightly as she wiped a little syrup from the corners of her mouth, "This stuff never gets old; I could eat French toast all day!"

Strangely enough, neither she nor Midnight seemed aware of their slightly distorted figures, or if they did they certainly hid it well. Either way, watching them shovel down more and more food into their mouths...

It was making Fontina nauseatingly hungry.

She was known within her circle of friends to always be on some sort of crazy diet, since she always overreacted to the slightest amount of pudge that latched onto her body. But for the first time, her diet seemed proportionate to the cause; gaining five, maybe ten pounds in one night was definitely a cry for a dietician. But since she certainly wasn't going to find one here in this house of chub, maybe- hey, wait a second, how did Walker manage to stay so slender? Maybe she had better look into his dietary plan later...

"E-Excuse me." Fontina said abruptly, standing up from the table, "I-I'm going to, uh, use the bathroom." she lied, speed-walking out of the dining hall. She was gonna work off those extra pounds if it took every last breath in her body!

"What was that funny walk?" Ember piped up

"No idea." Walker answered curtly

"I know right?" Midnight fluttered her eyebrows at Walker lovingly. God he was hot. With a little bit of her charm and tender loving affection, she could get into those skin-tight dress pants any day now. 'Thank goodness for long storms!' Midnight cheered to herself, undressing Walker with her eyes from across the table...

A few minutes after the rather large breakfast (which for some reason didn't seem to have the same effect on Midnight or Ali like dinner the night before) Ali and Midnight stood in front of the doors to the large dinning hall. Although they weren't in pain like the aftermath of dinner, they still had slightly bulging stomachs, and Ali held a small bag in her hands, "I'm a little worried about Fontina, she's kinda been acting weird this morning."

"Meh," Midnight shrugged with a shake of her head. "You know how she is, pipsqueak, she probably got a little self-conscious about eating a lot last night, and figures if she skips a meal or two, she'll be back on one of those diets she's always on."

"Yeah, but still," Ali muttered before she narrowed her eyes. "Hey! You insulted me during that!"

"Took ya long enough to notice, washboard," Midnight laughed loudly with a large toothy grin. "Although, if you keep snacking on leftovers, you might not be so flat… And not in the good way!"

Ali grumbled under her breath as she held up the bag, "This isn't for me! It's for Fontina! It's not right to skip meals, besides, doing that will just lower your metabolism!"

And with that, Ali began to storm off into the mansion, in high hopes of finding Fontina and finding out what was wrong with her friend. Midnight on the other hand, well, she was aiming for something that seemed a bit more difficult…

Cracking that cold (yet attractive) demeanor of a certain Absol Moemon Butler, and getting herself… Well, we'd go on, but then this story would have to be re-rated just to tell you the things that Midnight wanted to do.

So, adjusting her silver top to have it show a bit more of her healthy cleavage (which seemed to be a little bit more healthy this morning) and using the lower half to hide her stomach (which was probably the reason why Walker wasn't interested yesterday), Midnight opened the doors to the dinning hall slightly to peer in – And once again, luck was on her side.

For standing in the large dinning hall, all alone, was Walker, simply cleaning the long table. 'Alright, I won't fail this time!'

Making sure that she was a little bit quieter this time, Midnight slowly sneaked into the room, making sure that Walker didn't sense her presence at all. If the subtle approach didn't work with this Moemon, then Midnight would just try a different tactic – A sneak attack.

So far, so good, the closer that Midnight crept towards the Absol Moemon, the quieter she became, going so far as to hold her breath. And when she was just about a few inches away from her target…

"Oh! Why, hello there, Walker!"

Before the Absol Moemon could react, Midnight had snatched Walker's right arm, pulling his arm with both of hers and positioning his small bicep right in between her healthy breasts (Which was easier since Midnight had elected not to wear her bra this morning, hoping to use that to her advantage). For a moment, Walker froze up when he saw where his arm was being held, a small twinge of red appearing on his face. "… Morning."

"Indeed it is," Midnight cooed as she pressed more of her sexy body onto Walker's. "Listen, yesterday I kinda got lost in this huge mansion, and I was wondering if you could give me a tour of the place? Just you and me, perhaps we could start with a nearby closet or even some of the bedrooms and…"

"If you want a tour," Walker swiftly replied as he jerked his arm free, surprising the other dark-type Moemon. "Then I can arrange something to have one of the others to help you with that. I have too much work to deal with today, and if you'll excuse me, I have to finish it before noon."

Midnight just stood there dumbfounded as Walker once again ignored her attempts to hit on him and watched as the sexy piece of man cake she had her eyes on, simply walk out of the room, closing the doors behind him in the process. "What the hell is his problem!? I practically throw myself at him and he just brushes me off!? What sort of guy does that?!?

"I'm sexy! I've got a rockin' bod and a face anyone would kill for, so why won't he…"

Midnight stopped when a familiar smell lofted through the air and into her nostrils, it was a smell that she had recognized instantly since she smelled the same thing – The smell of ooey, gooey chocolate! "Humph, maybe something sweet will be able to help me think…"

TTTT- Meanwhile - TTTT

The hallways, already stated to be quite dimly lit, all seemed to blend together as Ali trekked through the mansion. It was hard to concentrate, finding that each victorian hallways seemed to mimic its predecessor in almost every aspect! Perhaps even worse, Ali's internal compass wasn't exactly tuned correctly to begin with ...

"Oh man..." Ali whimpered, ashamed of somehow managing to, yet again, mistrace her steps and wind up in a very familiar predicament, "I'm so lost..."

Her sneakers tip-tapped on the carpet, rattling the old hardwood floors underneath their shaggy cover, walking blindly in proverbial circles in a desperate attempt to find a friendly face.

Or an unfriendly one, preferably one that wasn't oil-based and suspended from the wall, the young moemon whimpered and shrunk into her signature hoodie, some of those old paintings were pretty creepy!

Turning the corner, Ali finally met a familiar (though unfriendly) face in Walker; that butler that Midnight had the hots for! Actually, he was pretty handsome, with his small yet somewhat elongated chin and his cute little nose, he was almost pretty enough to be... Ali shook out those thoughts, the Absol moemon was probably gay or something; she knew that no straight moemon alive could resist Midnight's hot body. Now if it were her own washboard body, Ali would be much more inclined to believe a lack of attraction, she couldn't help but look remorsefully down her shirt at her small (though, in all fairness just a bit larger than last night) though perky breasts. The young girl sighed solemnly as she remembered time after time she-

"...Hey, what're you doing?"

Walker's surprisingly soft, yet deep tone stirred Ali from her thoughts, "O-Oh nothing, I uh... you didn't happen to catch me looking down my shirt, did you?"

She turned red in embarrassment, one hand releasing its grip on the bag in leiu of covering her mouth; a surprisingly feminine gesture for a renowned tomboy such as Ali. Walker's dark eyes stared, his bleak outlook clear as day.

"Yup." he said plainly, turning back to his door and twisting the knob.

"W-Wait, hold up a second!!" Ali shouted after him, hoping to find solace in Walker's expertise layout of the mansion, "I-I think I'm lost and-"

"Geez, you guys are such pains." Walker said plainly, pausing in his doorway to address his young "guest", "Call someone else, I'm not giving you a tour." he said coldly, not even looking Ali in the eyes as he shrugged her off! Brought her down to Midnight's level!

"H-Hey you hold up a second, jerk!" Ali charged, not entirely aware of Walker's extensive martial artist training.

She held the bag in one hand, full of a soon to be smooshed breakfast for the (dieting) Fontina, and forgetting what precious cargo it contained was preparing to use it as a makeshift bat to whack the indignant butler upside the face with. Walker, in turn, got into fighting position; the Absol moemon straightened, and turned to face his opponent. Ali picked up the pace, steps getting faster and faster as she approached him quicker and quicker...

Until she tripped on a loose floorboarding, knocking her off balance and right into the suprised boy's ribcage, making him grit his teeth, falling to his knees in pain. Ali, who was seeing stars at this point, held little sympathy for the poor boy as he eventually toppled over to the ground. "Y-Yeah, s-serves you right... ugh..." Ali mumbled in mock triumphant victory, with her pounding head little evidence of a victory. Until she realized that, 'Hey, this guy's really hurt!'

Ali regained balance and used all of her might to drag the broken butler into his quarters (Finding it much frillier than she would have expected a boy's room to be... N-Not that she had ever seen a boy's room before!) and left him laying on the floor, far too physically weak to actually lift him up onto his... cottony white bed... with frills? Probably just decoration.

"Oh man, are you okay?!" Ali asked stupidly, of course he wasn't okay he was gagging!

Walker held a similar outlook, "No I'm not okay!" he wheezed, "My ribs are broken!"

Ali panicked, "Oh God, I didn't mean to hit you that hard, I'm sorry! I'msososorry!!" the younger moemon tried to unbutton his dress shirt, only for Walker to swat her hand away.

"Don't flatter yourself, they were already broken." He seemed to be getting better by the minute, already to the point where he was hoisting himself up with minimal difficulty. "Training accident a few weeks back... gotta keep my chest bound by these stupid bandages."

The young Absol moemon unfastened his top few buttons, perhaps in his urgancy forgetting that there was a lady in the room? ("OR DID HE MISTAKE ME FOR A BOY?!")

But slowly, Ali noticed a few things off about Walker's... physique.

For one, he was obviously a very thin young man; but he lacked the stick-like figure that a young man would sprout at his age. His middle had a slight hourglass shaped to it, much like a sharper version of what a certain buxom Mighteyena moemon's middle looked like (pre-curse, of course) His shoulders weren't broad, and his arms while muscular lacked a certain... masculinity that she had seen in her older brother's. And as he faced the mirror, unwinding his bandages...

Ali could clearly make out a small boob trying to wriggle its way from the confining space of his her wrap up.

Ali could only just stand there with a dumbstruck look on her face as she watched the now confirmed female-Walker finish reapplying her bandages on her small (which was still bigger in contrast to Ali's) chest, and began to redress herself.

This didn't go unnoticed by the cold tomboyish Moemon, "… Are all members of your group interested in women?"

"W-What?!" Ali yelped with a large blush crossing her face. "N-No! It's just that… It's just…"

"It's just what?" Walker growled as she began to button up her undershirt, slowly reforming into the cold butler she was acting as.

"Well, with the way you were dressed and presented yourself," Ali explained as she rubbed the back of her head. "I just assumed that you were a guy, in fact, I think Midnight and Fontina do as well."

Walker merely huffed to the side.

"So, why do you dress like that?" Ali asked, now a little curious. "And your name!"

"Does it matter?" Walker growled, replacing the jacket she was wearing before with a cleaner one. "I honestly could care less about gender, I just choose to wear the butler outfit cause I hate skirts. And you're acting like you never met someone with a Surname before."

Ali couldn't help but notice that she herself was wearing a skirt, and tugged down on it slightly – She knew that there was a valid reason to hate skirts (especially after an incident that occurred in one of the previous cities that the trio passed through – Which involved a mischievous Cubone Moemon who had a habit of flipping skirts).

"… Now get out," Walker growled, her dark red eyes narrowing down on the smaller Moemon in front of her.

It was because of that harsh glare that Ali sped out of the room, immediately slamming the door behind her in the process. Her heart was beating a mile a minute from the fear that the Disaster Moemon had inflicted into her.

Soon however, that fear began to melt away into evil itself.

'Let's think about this for a second,' Ali thought as she walked down the hallway, making sure she had Fontina's breakfast (a little smashed up, but still breakfast) in her hands. 'If Walker's a girl, albeit dressed up a very convincing boy, then Midnight's been hitting on a girl these past two days.'

Slowly a devilish grin appeared on Ali's face as she began to snicker to herself, after months of traveling and dealing with Midnight's snotty ego – the Quilava Moemon finally had acquired a weapon that would be able to finally puncture that over inflated ego of Midnight!


"Huff… Huff… Huff…"

That constant panting continued to echo through the almost emptied hallways on the third floor, adding to the level of creepiness that the dimly lit halls lacked until this morning. Its cause was a certain voluptuous (and currently sweating) Vaporeon Moemon that we all knew.

For the past hour, Fontina had trekked through the hallways – Trying to maintain a decent fast walk/jog in order to increase her stride. This turned out be a bad idea, since within the first ten minutes of her jog, Fontina was sweating bullets that had soaked into the hoodie and sweatpants she was wearing, just making the clothes cling to her 'enhanced' curves more than she would've liked.

By the time she reached the third floor, the makeshift workout suit was almost a secondary skin to the young Vaporeon Moemon. At this point, it was only weighing her down, but Fontina knew that she wouldn't be able to remove it (she certainly wasn't as bold as the ball of lard known as Ember), nor at this point she was actually capable of performing such a task.

Skipping breakfast was never a good idea, and even though the meal of last night was pretty filling, it had long since been digested into her system and the calories were already used up by the young lass. So at the moment, Fontina was only running on fumes.

Well, running wouldn't be the proper term for right now.

"Gotta… huff… C-Continue…" Fontina wheezed as she used her hand to prop herself on the nearby wall in order to make sure that she would fall over. "Gotta… Lose… *wheeze*… Weight…"

Hunger and fatigue weren't her only opponents in this race against weight though, there was a dry feeling in Fontina's throat that was binding her down slightly as well.

Oh, if only she had a glass of water to quench that dreadful thirst of hers… Or any clean liquid would do at this point.

Luck seemed to smile down on Fontina, for as she continued her slow work out, the young Moemon neared a familiar door that had a simple plaque on it that read 'Break Room'. Just seeing that sign on the door made Fontina's eyes brighten up behind her glasses and empower her slightly to increase her slow pace towards it. "M-Maybe I can… G-Get something to d-d-drink there…"

A few more moments later (although to Fontina, it seemed to be hours), Fontina had her hands wrapped around the door's knob and began to turn, not noticing the sweet, warm smell that was lofting from the door. Her thirst was dulling the young moemon's senses.

And even when she opened the door, Fontina's vision only focused on what she was looking for originally – A large water cooler that sat deep into the room. "WATER!"

Running straight into the room, Fontina made a mad dash for the water cooler and immediately poured herself a small cup of water and downed it.

And then downed another cup of water.

And another…

And another…

And another…

This continued until…

"AH!" Fontina sighed with a large smile on her face as she tossed the paper cup into a nearby trashcan. "I really, really needed that. Next time I go for a jog I should… Really remember… to… bring a water… Bottle…"

With her dehydration finally cured, Fontina finally realized something about the room she was standing in. Although it was an average break room with a table, counter, water cooler, couch, a fridge and a television, there was something else in the room. Stacked on the table, counter, couch and even on the floor were several boxes of donuts – Swinub Sweets' doughnuts to be exact.

The warm smell of the donuts alerted Fontina's nose that the sugary treats were definitely fresh, for a moment, Fontina's mouth watered…

"No!" Fontina scolded herself as she gulped. "If I eat any of those then…"

Unfortunately for Fontina, her softer stomach was arguing with her, having been denied breakfast and forced to deal with a torturous jog around the mansion was more than enough!

Fontina sighed loudly, "Well… Only one. One can't hurt."


One hour of needlessly excessive gluttony later, Fontina was certainly feeling the effects that eating too much can have on one's body. Laying on the provided couch in an uncharacteristically sprawled out fashion, one leg fell off to the side while one laid on top of the arm; her own arm flopping uselessly in the same fashion of her suspended leg while the other one lay atop her stomach, letting her hand fall down to touch the side of her sweaty side and brush against the fabric of her top.

Somehow, Fontina managed to work up much more of a sweat stuffing herself than she did in her exercise regiment. On top of already being out of breath, Fontina's second wind had apparently come and gone during the feast, leaving her truly exhausted as she lay there (for the first time) mindlessly. She had actually broken the smarts out of her brain with the contradicting compound of stuffing herself silly and working out. In her fear of getting fat, she had in fact set herself up for quite the horrendous fall from her dietary perch.

Fontina looked down to see her swollen paunch, quite full and raised to a very high altitude; almost as if dinner from the night before had repeated itself. Her hand raised and rested atop her belly, making sure to touch it tenderly so as to not upset its delicate equilibrium. Despite her best efforts, the young moemon still winced at the sharp pain that sparked underneath her skin, her wheezing getting sharper out of fear. If she ever ate again, Fontina was very certain she might explode...

Suddenly her ears caught the sound of the doorknob, breaking the silence that she had created in the staff's rec room. The old tumbler activated and the springs whined to reveal none other than her best friend Ali, who had a bag at her side, guided by the large Dewgong Moemon Claire.

"Oh my..." the white haired maid covered her mouth in shock as she observed the warzone that Fontina had left the Staff's Break Room. She wasn't mad, not at all (in fact, it seemed like this bubbly behemoth never got mad at anything!) but merely concerned for her guest's wellbeing. "Ms. Fanta, are you alright?" she waddled over to the couch and rustled the misaddressed moemon's shoulder.

"Ohhh!!" Fontina roared in pain, like the Persian with a thorn in its paw Claire had done the smallest thing to upset her wellbeing- despite her better intentions.

Ali snorted, "Jeez Fontina, you really packed it away!" the Quilava moemon giggled as she too came to her friend's side, "I guess you won't be needing this breakfast that I painstakingly ceran-wrapped for you then, huh?"

The mere mention of food (not sight, Fontina didn't quite have the energy to look down just yet) made the young Vaporeon girl want to weep. Or vomit. She wasn't quite sure, maybe a little bit of both?

"Alright, come on." Ali offered a helping hand, literally and figuratively as her outstretched arm held out an open palm for Fontina to grab. Which she couldn't, she tried, but Fontina's taut tummy took too much energy away from her to coordinate any sort of strenuous movement.

"Oh come on, you could at least grab!" Ali whined, upset at having to grab the sweaty girl's lax appendage when she could very well do it herself. "Ew. You're all sticky." Ali teased, hoisting her up.

"Ohhh!!" Fontina let out her signature cry, Ali's sudden jerking had sent many waves of pain through her aquatic being, and she definitely let everyone know it.

"Oh stop being a big baby or no breakfast for you!" Ali patronized her dazed friend, "Hey, and when we get you laying down boy have I got a story to tell you!"

Fontina, though almost completely out of it, was conscious enough to understand what was going on... for the most part. She knew that Ali wasn't ignoring her plight. Ali was simply doing her job, helping her friend out without any serious complaining, since Fontina would certainly do the same for her. And what's better, with a smile on her face and ready to make Fontina laugh (even if it would probably kill her right now to have her belly surge up and down like that) that's one of the things she really liked about Ali, she was a good friend. Not just to her, but even to Midnight... when the situation called for it. And as her fiery friend hoisted up her no doubt heavier frame, she caught her smiling and laughing even as she struggled.

"Man you're heavy." Ali quipped, "Maybe you shouldn't eat that breakfast I saved for you..."

"Ohh!!" Fontina wailed.

"I'll just begin cleaning up in here then?" Claire, though ditzy, caught it too. She knew how wonderful the friendship that Ali and Fontina shared was, and it made the moemon smile. Because she could see it, clear as day, those two were the best of friends. And her sympathy would have been plainly obvious... had it not been for the chocolate frosting around her plump full lips as she "cleaned" the rec room; sitting her plump posterior down on one of the (squished, now) boxes and quietly munched on a couple of donuts.


The painful groans of Fontina echoed through the mansion as she leaned on her shorter friend for support. Managing to find some information from the gorging Claire, the duo was on their way towards the second floor infirmary. Ali was a little in the middle of this situation, on one hand, she was more than willing to help her good friend in her dire need of painful gluttony, but the other part of her was wanting to tell her glasses wearing friend about the secret she learned only an hour ago.

Although, thinking about it some more, Ali figured that if Fontina knew of Walker's true gender, there was a good chance that Fontina would tell the egotistical Midnight (Especially since Midnight was so gung-ho about flirting with the dark Moemon).


Then again, if she kept this to herself, then Ali would be able to have the joke all to herself and watch the dark Moemon make a complete fool of herself!

"Ali, I think we're…"

But on the flipside of that, if it was revealed that Walker was a girl and that Ali knew that fact, it would probably end badly for.


The slightly puffy Quilava Moemon blinked a few times as her digesting friend's loud moan, "Uh, yeah?"

"We're here," Fontina pointed out to her friend as she pointed towards a nearby door that had a Chansey sticker on it that held a sign that read 'Infirmary'.

"Oh!" Ali muttered out loud with her red cheeks turning red slightly. "S-Sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it, just thanks for helping me get here," Fontina grunted, still wincing from the tightness in her belly. "I'll… I'll only be a minute, I'm just going to get an antacid or two… Or six…"

Ali nodded as she watched her friend inch into the room, "You might want to get some more for later though!"

The door closed behind Fontina, making Ali sigh loudly as she leaned up against the nearby wall. That's when the young Quilava Moemon realized that she still held onto the bag filled with cold, one hour leftovers from breakfast. "Ugh, I doubt that Fontina would want to eat this stuff now."

Just as Ali was about to open the bag to check on the food, a small gleam of light moved into her eyes, making her squint slightly as she lifted her hand up. "What the?"

Stepping out of the light, Ali spotted the cause of the light – A beautiful emerald green vase that had several carvings that depicted several dragons on it. It seemed to have some jewels embedded into it as well, and for some reason, Ali was drawn to the weird vase to look at it.

Keeping some distance from it, Ali admired the vase – Noticing that it was well crafted. "Wow, this place must be full of rare stuff like this…"

"Wow, I knew that you admired curves," a familiar snarky voice cooed behind Ali, making the small girl jump slightly. "But now you're admiring a vase? That's just sad you little mouse."

Ali spun around, seeing Midnight standing behind Ali, her hands placed on her trimmed hips (which seemed to be a bit curvier and sunk a little bit into the Mightyena's skin a bit more than usual). There was also a small stain of chocolate around Midnight's mouth, but Ali didn't really notice that. "So, I take it you haven't found Fontina yet? Or were you planning on stealing her breakfast as well?"

"Not now, you dog," Ali huffed as she crossed her arms. "I don't want to deal with your attitude."

"Oh cry me a river, you water-phobic wimp," Midnight barked back. "You're not the only one who has to deal with crap! I keep trying my best material with that sweet piece Walker, but it's not having any effect on him!"

"Heh, maybe he doesn't swing that way?" Ali snickered with a devious grin on her face.

"And what would you know about picking up guys?" Midnight snarled leaning forward (much to the distaste of her slightly puffy tummy) to leer at Ali in the eyes. "You're so flat that people either mistake you for a guy or as a little kid! Guys love a real woman with curves in the right place!"

"You wanna say that again?" Ali growled, seriously not liking Midnight's attitude right now.

"Oh, what's wrong?" Midnight cooed mockingly as she stood up straight. "Is the little girl going to cry?"


Ali blindly attacked the older moemon, much like she did said older moemon's crush only an hour or so ago. However things would turn out differently this time, because despite being strong and old enough to become a Mightyena moemon, Midnight was still pretty wimpy. Ali took pride in the fact that, without any of her underhanded tricks anyway, she could hand Midnight's ass to her any day of the week!

She lunged at her soft middle head first, hands bared in a startling fashion as Ali headbutt Midnight right in the stomach. Midnight wheezed, letting out a long gasp of air as the dark hair around her face was lifted by the breeze. She went stumbling backwards from Ali's punch, understandably panting after getting the wind knocked out of her.

"Ha... little body... little- little punches!" Midnight teased, trying to hold back any hurt feelings (or stomachs for that matter) and appear superior.

"WHY YOU!!" Ali grunted, charging at her again.

This time, Midnight just moved out of the way of the teeny-weeny locomotive speeding her way; even going so far as to laugh haughtilly as she sped off in the wrong direction.

"Come on Pipsqueak, I'm right here!" she growled, smacking her ass tauntingly.

Ali fumed, "Y-You bitch!!" she cried, feeling the blood vessels in the back of her eyes strain. She stomped forward once again, only for Midnight to move right out of the way without any difficulty; also coming close to knocking-

"I got the antacids..." Fontina said warilly as she stepped out of the infermary, only to be greeted with a very familiar sight- Ali and Fontina scrapping yet again. "Oh... come on guys... I'm not in the mood right now." Fontina pleaded. But it was no use, the two were too far gone.

"I'm not fighting." Midnight yawned innocently, "Cheese-for-Brains is the one who wanted to fight."

The vein in Ali's head nearly exploded, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE FOOLING YOU DOG-BREATHED SKANK?!"

Again, she charged futiley at Midnight who again just meandered right out of the way.

"I." she shouted, finally grabbing her by the lusciously tan arm, "AM." she screamed, twisting it, "TIRED." Ali barked as Midnight rose to her feet, "OF." she hissed as the Mighteyena moemon got a good punch in, "YOU!!" she cried, getting in a good punch herself... just on a silver-white podium holding a certain vase.

All three of them watched, save for Fontina who was far too under the weather to really care right now, as the no doubt priceless vase teetered like a Spinda moemon on the flat pedestal. It wobbled in a circular fashion, already moved slightly with all the vibrations Ali and Midnight had caused, and threatened to tip over and shatter into countless little pieces all over the floor. Thankfully, Ali was able to catch it before her knock-out punch sent it tumbling to the floor.

"Whew..." she sighed, placing it precariously back onto its rightful spot. Time seemed to have stopped, even their fight (who's predecessors were uncaring and violent to everything) had ceased in order to ensure the sanctity of that vase. "That was close."

Midnight shared the same consent, having to double-check the vase to make sure it was okay. "I'll say it was... hey, great catch shortstuff." she pat Ali on the back, causing the smaller girl to blush.

"O-oh, hey, it was nothing I mean-"

"...What're you guys doing?" Walker's voice echoed throughout the stilled hallway, causing Midnight to jump up eagerly.

"Why hello there!" she cooed a little to loudly, standing to her feet and knocking Ali back into the podium face first, "What brings you to this neck of the woods, hmm?" she said sensually.

The dreary butler was far from pleased. "Uh... yeah, I work here." Walker said dully, shrugging off the fellow dark-type moemon in a hastily planned escape route, "Oh jeez, Shrimp, grab that-"

Ali read his mind, not even shocked that he had raised his voice. The little moemon held out her hands awaitingly in an attempt to save said priceless vase, only for it to end up as a million green little decorations on the floor.

"O-Oops." Ali squeaked....

For a while, that's all that was said.


That's all that could have been said; Ali and Midnight's conjoined reckless attitude had broken the most beautiful thing the former had ever seen in her entire life.

"Oops?" Walker parroted fiercely, "Oops? That's all you have to say?"

Ali trembled as Walker got closer and closer to her- she was already in hot water with the Disaster Moemon for ramming him in the broken ribs, now it looked like he was going to... Ali gulped at the thought.

Walker's piercing red eyes met Ali's quivering ones, her thin white brow furrowed in anger. "That was the Master's favorite vase, an antique from the Rayquazan Era!" she shouted at Ali, already pale knuckles turning snow white as she gripped his fingers tighter and tighter, "It. was. PRICELESS." she concluded, whipping around to face Midnight and the other half of Fontina, "You three... you're all putrid, and you're GONNA get out of here!" she closed her eyelids, resisting the urge to deliver divine punishment to each and every one of them.

"U-Uh..." Midnight and Ali stammered in unison, Fontina was speechless. Here she was, minding her own business (minus that little stuffing incident) and her friends had gotten her into trouble! AGAIN!

"B-B-But-" she stuttered too, only for Walker to turn around and get into her face.

"Your friends are fools. Fools." he reitterated himself angrilly, storming off down the hall, no doubt in search of Shera to let her know about their newest "guest's" mysterious disappearances.

"Wow..." Midnight gawked, "He's pretty mad."

Ali rolled her eyes, "Yeah, thanks to you Mutt-Mouth!"

Fontina felt her eyes water, having felt so sorry for even being a part of this little fiasco, but if it was fair, Fontina was perfectly fine with-

"I better go work on him." Midnight stood up, only for Ali to grab her heel and pull her back down to the ground.



End of Chapter 3
Chapter 3 is finally here!

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