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The Mystifying Massive Manor

Chapter 5

"So, you think she's gonna be okay?" Fontina asked from outside the doorway. Midnight's eyebrows strained upwards, seeming genuinely concerned for the petite Moemon.

"I hope so, the poor little thing's been through a lot today."

It was terrible, the tiny girl just laid there in bed; tossing and turning, letting out the occasional murmur, sometimes even kicking her legs.

"She sure doesn't look too good, maybe I should go over there and give her another blanket?" Fontina nodded and smiled, proud of Midnight's new motherly developments towards the injured.

"Oh man, she's really looking bad..." Midnight said, concerned for the tiny moemon underneath the bedsheets, "Look at her, she's sweating!"

Fontina panicked, lifting her hand from atop her exposed forehead, "Midnight, get me something cold?!"

The addressed Mightyena moemon growled underneath her breath, still not all too sure as to where she and Fontina stood now that she had learned that the latter was a filthy horn-dog. That part wasn't too disturbing, what was irking her was the chubby Vaporeon's business with Walker; her claim!

"How about your ice-cold heart, ya banshee..." she mumbled, only for Fontina to turn around at the utterance of her friend's addressing.

"Hm, what?" she asked innocently.

"O-Oh nothing!"

Soon enough the haughty hottie came back with a towel drenched in icewater, slathering it atop the pale forehead belonging to their patient. She squirmed, not quite taking the exposure to water very well. "Oh... oh jeez, she doesn't like water- you know that!!" Fontina hollered, splashing the droplets off of her friend's head.

Midnight snickered, "Yeah, I know, I just couldn't resist." she grinned maliciously.

Suddenly, the tiny frame shot up from underneath the blankets, her short black hair a little matted from Midnight's treatment. "GASP... Y-Y-YOU KNOW I HATE WATER, YOU POORLY PEDIGREE'D SKANK!!" she shouted immediately, raising a fist in anger to threaten Midnight.

"Well, looks like you're cured from your little scare shock." Midnight answered plainly, standing erectly and allowing her belly to pooch out in a parabola.

"Wh-What?" Ali answered, actually too confused to insult the obvious paunch Midnight was growing.

"Y-Yes, Shera told us all about it." Fontina answered, sitting down next to the out-of-uniform Ali on the bed, "Apparently, you freaked out after finding that girl passed out in the fields."

Ali sweatdropped, remembering now that she was perfectly fine with finding someone out in the rain with a growing fever. What actually made her faint was Shera's crazy driving. "Hey I'm no wuss for stuff like that!" she hollered, "It was Shera and her road rage!"

Midnight and Fontina looked at each other questionably. "Shera? No way!" Midnight chorffled, "Yeah, you must have had a bad dream, she doesn't have a mean bone in her body!"

"Ahem." the addressed Kangaskahn moemon cleared her throat in the doorway, seemingly the only employee choosing to remain in her uniform at such late of an hour. "I'm glad to hear you all think so highly of me!" she said in her usual pleased-as-punch manner, "And I'm even more glad to hear that you're feeling better Ali, you had us all pretty concerned over you- Oh, Ember saved you some popcorn."

"Popcorn?" Midnight quirked an eyebrow

"Ember?" Fontina asked meekly

"Ember SAVED food?" Ali asked, just as confused as her friends.

"Yes, I'm pretty shocked myself." Shera giggled, "Anywho, I just came to check up on you, and to tell you that our newest guest is feeling better as well, if not just a little bit quiet."

Ali shot up again, her natural concern overtaking her swimmy head, "Th-that's great, where is she?!" she stood up to her feet a little too quickly, noticing that she had been dressed in her pajamas (hopefully Ember had nothing to do with that; something about her got under Ali's skin) "W-Woah..." she slurred, almost falling back to the bed's cushiony comfort, "I-I don't feel so good."

"Now you get right back into bed, Ali." Shera scolded her lightly, waddling over to the smaller girl's side and tucking her back into bed, "You can take tomorrow off until you feel better, but for now you need your rest."

Ali, Midnight, and Fontina gulped- it almost seemed like Shera wanted them to stay here forever; flaunting a break in front of Ali's face like that! That was a whole day's paycheck in the toilet!

"Oh, and..." Shera smiled lightly as she plopped down next to the indentured maid, "As for our mystery girl... She's feeling much better!" Shera announced with her smile growing brighter, and with a quick turn of her chubby body, Shera waved her hand out the door. "Oh Kyrie, come and meet the girls, will you?"

For a few moments, all three of the Moemon heroines watched the doorway, expecting to see someone pop into the room at any second, however, instead only a small sliver of aqua-green hair slowly inched its way past the doorway. Slowly more of the girl's head came into view, revealing a pair of large golden eyes that darted around the room.

"Oh, come on dear," Shera chuckled as she leaned over to the girl and reached for her. "They're not going to bite you."

A loud 'eep' popped through the air as Shera practically lifted the smaller girl into the room, revealing that she wasn't wearing the swimsuit-like outfit that she was wearing now, and had instead opted for a large baggy, blue bathrobe that looked like it was made for someone of Claire's size. A large blush was on the girl – Kyrie's face as she made sure that the robe would cover her completely, "…!"

"Wow," Fontina muttered to herself, partially about the mysterious girl that Shera carried into the room by her shoulders. The other part of her amazement was that couldn't they have found something smaller for the doll-like girl.

"Heh, looks like the pipsqueak found a common soul," Midnight snickered, earning herself a nasty glare from the fire mouse pokemon. "Do the flat seem to converge to each other?"

"S-Shut up you…" Ali growled… Only to stop with a few coughs.

The mysterious girl, Kyrie blinked a few times at Ali's small and short coughing fit, and lowered her head slightly. She had heard from Shera that it was Ali who had found her in the field when she collapsed, and had rushed out to help her. A total stranger helping her was a foreign concept to this young, mysterious Moemon.

"Well, I'm sure you girls will get along well," Shera announced, making Kyrie jump slightly. "For now though, we should probably let Ali get some rest. Ali, I'll let you think about taking the day off tomorrow. I'll get your answer when I bring you some chicken noodle soup. Girls, let's let her rest."

"Yeah, the faster you get better runt, the faster we'll be able to get out of here," Midnight growled as she stepped past Shera, her plumped rump jiggling in the process.

Fontina bowed slightly to her ill friend, "Get well soon Ali."

Kyrie however just tilted her head slightly at Ali, before she walked up to Ali and lowered her head slightly, "… T-T-Thank you…"

Ali blinked a few times before the apparently shy Kyrie scurried out of the room, almost bumping into the larger Shera (who was smiling the whole time). However, the moment that the door closed, all Ali cared about was getting some rest so she fell back into the large bed and closed her eyes…

Gentle snoring filled the room as Ali slept the remainder of the day away. While the Quilava moemon was much calmer now that she had already been awoken, she still couldn't shake the occasional recurring nightmare that was Shera's terrible driving. But even then, as her tiny body kicked lazily in its heavy slumber, Ali remained asleep and (for the most part) at peace.

When she wasn't shivering from the occasional draft that spirited itself into her room or moving about in a choreographed to her current dream, Ali actually got some well-deserved sleep after a long and hectic day; unwinding thoroughly in her dream world. Currently locked in a world of fantasy and make-believe (namely one where she sported a 36DD bra), the tiny fire-type snoozed happily for the first time in quite a while. A hot blush materialized on her face, not because of her illness but because of all the hot guys suddenly swarming around her otherworldly self, a tall and fiery Typhlosion moemon with curves in all the right places...

'Mmm... why yes, I think I'll take you up on that offer, a date sounds wonderful/'

'Oh thanks, I am pretty beautiful aren't I?'

'Gee you really know how to spoil a girl, don't you?'

'Oops! My skirt just happened to get caught over this active vent!'

"Mmm..." she grinned contentedly, perfectly happy with the idea of living out her days in this fantasy realm. What was so much better in this world than the other one? In the real world, she owed a blue-coo billion dollars to her new master and acted as a house servant!

No, this world seemed much nicer; one without the household, one with the freedom she hadn't stopped craving of the open road and travelling, a world where guys flocked to her instead of Midnight. And so she would for as long as she could! At least for tonight anyway. Maybe dream another, even better dream tomorrow!

Ali's smile grew even wider as the pleasant escapades of Dream Ali filled her consciousness. Dreams were always fun, they could take her anywhere she wanted to go!
In fact, maybe that's just what she should- 'Hey, what's that smell?' both Alis pondered to themselves, smelling the exact same- somehow familiar aroma.

It smelled just like dinner; a rich, fancy dinner that was surely served to someone besides her. A bluebeard socialite deserved the wonderful meal that belonged to that smell, not either of the Alis present.

But wait, there it was! Right in front of the tall, slender make-believe moemon's nose- a chicken cordon bleu sandwich dipped in cheese!

At first she resisted, but Dream Ali found herself munching away at the glorious treat floating in front of her. It was delicious! The real world Quilava moemon licked her lips as she savored the imaginary tastes that she was fabricating.

Until another smell hit her nose, this time one of... mashed potatoes and gravy with leftover bacon from the cordon bleu! Ali licked her lips enviously at the light fluffy spuds that her dream self got to devour instead of her!

But wait, another smell; this time something rolled around in batter! It was... Wester's Special Baked Falafal?

That was odd, seeing as how she'd never met Wester before. Wait, Wester, that sounded familiar... who cares, chow time! Dream Ali was happy to cast aside the confusion for another bite. Some sautéed mushrooms? Sounds yummy! Calabash Chicken? Pile it on! By this point drool was pooling in the side of Ali's cheek! Fluffy golden baked biscuits? Everything sounded great to Dream Ali's newfound appetite!

But wait... it had come at a cost!

Dream Ali's slender figure had ballooned! Literally; she was a Wailord! What was once a skinny (though imaginary) frame had expanded outwards in an exaggerated balloon fashion, her face sprouting multiple chins that rested on her enormous breasts! Her butt, prized throughout the dream, was a jiggling mass that kept her on the ground; far too fat to even lift!

She looked like... she looked like Ember! Ali started shivering again, eyebrows creasing as her ideal self continued to swell and expand, growing fatter and fatter; and dumber and dumber, only craving more and more food to fill her gluttonous demands!

Finally she stopped, a massive and unrecognizable form of such scale that Ali's mental camera had to pan out to get everything. The once smart, sexy dream Ali was just a big behemoth who kept eating and eating until... she grabbed the camera.

"MOAR!!" she cried before Ali woke up in a jolt...

Only to see the startled face of that girl she'd saved with Shera earlier. Kyrie, if Ali's memory served correctly. Sitting up so quickly must have startled the young china-doll girl, explaining why she had backed away so far from Ali's sitting position. Currently, still in her bathrobe mind you, Kyrie stood at the foot of Ali's sickbed with a concerned look in her bright yellow eyes. She didn't say a word, only continuing to stare at Ali like a foreigner who hadn't learned the language of a country she was trapped in.

Feeling sympathy, Ali smiled, ignoring the cold sweat she had awoken into and mustering up all the kindness in her heart. "Hey Kyrie, you feeling better?" she cooed softly, making sure to touch her still slender (for the most part) arm for confirmation as to reality and sighing in relief.

The teensy mystery type peeked out from the bed frame slightly, nodding gently as confirmation.

Suddenly, a familiar smell hit Ali's nose... that was... Chicken Cordon Bleu! And mashed potatos, and cheese, mushrooms and... everything! Everything Ali had just dreamed about was currently flooding into her sinuses like a traffic jam! Ignoring the little girl for a second, Ali started to shiver and grow wary of her surroundings, making very sure she wouldn't start ballooning up like her dreaded dream what-if. However, her stomach had other ideas, not caring as to whether or not Ali blew up like a Quilfish or not; and it accentuated that point with a loud rumble.

It startled not only Ali, wary of sudden obesity, but also Kyrie, who ducked back behind the bedframe with a frightened "eep!"

Ali laughed, turning a deep red as she tried to coax the cowardly girl from her bunker. "Oh, hey, come on now I just skipped dinner that's all, it was just my stomach!" she said softly, rubbing her stomach to prove her point (which almost seemed to pur as Ali stroked it), "Mmm, see, I'm just a little hungry!"

Kyrie's expression softened, her fear being replaced by cautious relaxation before a sudden spark of realization took her. The girl left the room for a second before coming back in while straddling a large plate of food; yup, all the meals Ali had dreamed about alright!

Ali was taken aback at the sheer enormity of it all, "O-Oh thanks Kyrie, but I-I-I well I couldn't, I just-" but she was cut off by Kyrie's gentle presentation of a single bowl of chicken noodle soup.

Just from the shape of the noodles, Ali could determine that this wasn't store-bought... Shera had made this for her.

"Oh... thank you so much Kyrie, and tell Shera thank you too!" she choked back tears of happiness, no one short of her brother and Fontina had ever done anything so nice for her, she wasn't really quite used to it... and for the girl she rescued earlier in the day to bring it to her gave her such a rewarded feeling deep inside of her fiery belly. "But hey, Kyrie, if all I get's the chicken soup, who's all this dinner for?"

Slowly and shyly, Kyrie took a step back from her savior. It was almost cute how she snuggled up into her too-large bathrobe in her cowardice, in her adorable meekness. "M-M-Me..." she said weakly, Ali having to remain pefectly quiet just to hear her "A-A-A-And y-you..." she managed, "B-But I don't really-"

Ali smiled warmly and made room for the shy girl, scooting over in the spacious bed that she and Fontina shared and patting the now free space beside her. "Hey come on, I don't think I could finish all that if I tried!" she said innocently, patting the space again, "Hop up, it's your dinner too!"

Kyrie just stood there for a second, like she was processing the new information before acting on it. She elegantly tiptoed over to the bed before meekly taking her seat beside Ali, hands folded politely in her lap. As she shivered in her seat, absolutely terrified of being in such a new position, the bathrobe fell slightly off of her left shoulder; revealing her pale doll skin and a good majority of her long sea-foam hair.

'Wow, she's really... pretty!' Ali couldn't help but comment to herself, accidentally catching a glimpse of Kyrie's small busom...

Then, Kyrie smiled at Ali's warmth and generosity. "Thank you..."

Despite Kyrie's earlier doubts about herself and the food, Ali was quite surprised to see the smaller (in more ways than one) girl eat just as much as Ali was. Maybe it was because the petite girl was hungry (Ali didn't know if the mysterious Moemon had eaten while she was having that dream turned nightmare), or maybe it was because of what Ali had said earlier, or even that she was happy to have such kindness from strangers.

Whatever the reason, Ali was glad to have some company with her and have someone help her with the large meal that looked roughly like it was made for five people than just two. She didn't want to admit it, but that dream didn't sit well with her, and the less she ate, the better.

But, aside from the munching through the air, the room was quiet. Although, it seemed like Kyrie was just enjoying being with Ali…

"So… Kyrie," Ali started, making the china-doll like Moemon jump slightly on the bed. "Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!"

"…" Kyrie smiled slightly with a cold bead of sweat rolling down the side of her head. "It's… It's alright…"

"I was just wondering," Ali continued, a small blush on her face for scaring her new friend. "What were you doing out there in the fields?"

Kyrie blinked a few times as she thought about the question, her bright golden eyes glazing over slightly as she went deeper into her thoughts. This went on long enough that Ali herself had finished her bowl of soup and began to dig into mashed potatoes.

At least until, "Um, I… I don't… D-D-D-Don't really know… I could b-b-b-barely remember m-my name…"

"Amnesia?" Ali questioned, through a mouthful of mashed potatoes. "Oh well, at least you're alright, and I'm sure you'll get your memory back."

Kyrie nodded back in reply…


After another large dinner, both Fontina and Midnight were walking through the halls, both of them with a broom in one hand and a dust pan in the other. The only thing that the two had to do left for the day was to sweep the first floor, and while it was an easy job, on a full stomach, it made the task a little more difficult. Even more so that Midnight was glaring at Fontina from behind the voluptuous Vaporeon Moemon's backside (which seemed to fill out more of the maid uniform than it did this morning for some reason, not that Midnight noticed).

'… I just don't get it, why would MY Walker would be interested in Fontina?' Midnight thought as she leaned against her broom, watching as Fontina actually did the job. 'Sure she's got some better curves than me, but she keeps them hidden most of the time! Who the hell wants some frumpy…'

"Uh, Midnight?"

The mentioned Moemon snapped from her hateful thoughts to realize that Fontina was looking at her right now, gleaming her eyes at her behind those large glasses. "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah," Midnight growled, taking the broom in her hand as she began to sweep the hallway, in a rather violent fashion. "Just peachy!"

Fontina was a smart Moemon, and she knew something was wrong with Midnight (sure, it seemed like her uniform was getting a bit tight on her, and the fact that the three were stuck here would put anyone on the edge), but the Mightyena Moemon seemed to be a bit more hostile this evening…

"Midnight, if there's something wrong, please, you can tell me," Fontina sighed, a look of pure concern in her eyes.

"… You really wanna know what's pissing me off?" Midnight snarled stopping her sweeping.

"Of course, we're friends, aren't we?" Fontina asked with a warm smile on her chubby face.

"Fine…" Midnight growled as she spun around and barred her teeth at the Vaporeon. "I'll tell you, ya backstabber!"

Fontina gasped at the outburst and took a step back from her offensive companion, wary of the vicious look in her eyes, and gasped deeply. Midnight stomped her foot in an infuriated fashion and stiffened her arms like a child. She opened her mouth as if to speak, only for a loud ripping sound to fill the hallways which they traversed. Both girls grew pale and wide-eyed at the sharp sound of stitches giving way and fabric getting pulled apart by only their healthy bodies. Both of the two were far more acquainted with busting bras, but never... clothes.

Things were silent as both Fontina and Midnight awaited the moment of truth between them; what had caused that rip?

Had it been Midnight's swelling yet succulent figure that had pushed her uniform too far, or was it Fontina's slowly expanding physique?

Both were quiet, neither of them wanting to face the fact that one of them might have finally busted out of their uniforms... all this rich, fattening cuisine surely had its downsides...

"U-U-U-Uh..." Midnight stammered, struggling to catch her mind back on track, "I-I-I'll, uh, tell you what's been bugging me...!" she said with considerably less enthusiasm than the last time, a cold sweat rolling down the side of her face.

Fontina couldn't muster a word, not only was she being harassed by one of her oldest and dearest friends, but there was a chance that she might finally have undone all of her hard work on her diet; having gotten too fat to fit in these uniforms!

"W-W-Well why don't you tell me then...?" Fontina struggled to form a coherent answer, little to no faith in herself or her figure at this point.

Midnight moved her arm, only to feel a slight breeze that wasn't there before. It ran down her side and ticked her slight muffin top caused by her tight stockings and contricting belt. She wavered in her rage, fighting off the blush that tried to force its way onto her demeanor; meant to be foul.

"Y-Y-You... and, uh..." she found herself unable to formulate the sentences in her mind now as she felt the cold air slide up from her waist to brush up against the bottom of her left breast, causing her to remain in her ridiculous, childish stance with her appendages kept vertical at her side, "W-W-W-Walker!"

Fontina was experiencing similar weakness in her morale, putting her even more timid than usual, as she felt the backside on her dress give way. The collar of her dress, elegantly sewn and patterned, had ripped slightly in an almost unnoticeable fashion in order to give way to her newer flabbier neck. Her belt had tightened, the used fastening slot grown worn and stretched. But most noticeably was the breeze she was experiencing as well, weaving up the backside and wrapping around her plush middle.

"Wh-Wh-What are you..." Fontina shuddered, being very careful not to invoke any more torture upon her uniform.

Unlike Midnight, Fontina was fully aware that she had been growing; whereas if Midnight weren't reminded by a certain wash-boardy rat, her natural confidence and flirtatious nature would overcome. But despite awareness on Fontina's part, there was one thing that she failed to analyze about the situation...

She and Midnight had ripped their uniforms at the exact same time.

Slowly, Midnight started to back away as if something had frightened her. "Y-You know, I can't even l-look at you right now, Fontina!" she lied for her own sake, better to be in a fitting uniform when she chewed out her former friend.

"Th-Th-That's not fair..." Fontina mumbled, backing away herself as her eyes softened behind her coke-bottle glasses. She was used to Midnight being mad at Ali but never at her...

But Midnight scurried off!

'Gotta find Shera... then Walker... then maybe Wester... BUT SHERA FIRST!!'


The life of a maid was a given to be hard, the repetitive tasks, the long hours, and seeing the same things again and again. But you wouldn't catch Shera, one of the head maids of this manor, complaining about the job. Nope, it just wasn't in her nature to complain about the job, especially after the master was so kind to provide the Kangaskhan Moemon with a job, a roof over her head, and even give her a room to work on her sewing.

Which, incidentally is where she was at the moment, working on a few remakes of a few certain maid outfits. It was something that she had set out to do after managing to get the materials.

For the most part she was done with Ali's and Fontina's new uniforms (making them at least two and a half sizes bigger than originally), and all that left was Midnight's maid uniform, which would probably be a bit more difficult to recreate since the Mightyena had all those additional features and some pieces were cut out. Throw in the fact that the curvaceous Mightyena Moemon was having her own growing concerns…


Speak of the devil.

Shera turned from her sewing machine and turned towards the door to her large closet of clothes to see Midnight walking into the room with her left hand clutching on the tighter looking uniform on her milky chocolate body. One look told Shera what she needed to know.

Midnight had ripped her uniform.

"Hello there Midnight," Shera greeted with a warm smile on her face as Midnight finally reached her. "What brings you to my corner of the mansion?"

At first, Midnight was about to answer quickly, but immediately shut her mouth, not willing to admit that she had ripped the uniform – even though the rip was quite large and visible, but she wasn't going to admit it.

"I… I needed some advice," Midnight huffed with a little twinge of red. "And I was thinking you'd be willing to help."

Shera smiled brightly, "Of course, dear. As long as you and your friends are working in this mansion, you'll be considered family. And actually, I'm glad you're here. I was making some spare uniforms for you and your friends. I finished your friends' just a moment ago, and I wanted to look at yours to make sure I had the right style for it. So, why don't you go change into one of the bathrobes I've got in here, hand me your uniform and we'll talk while I work.

"Does that sound good?"

A few minutes later…

"So," Shera started as she began her work on Midnight's spare (and larger uniform). "What is it you wanted to talk about?"

Now dressed in a large fluffy white robe that was completely covering her milky chocolate body, Midnight was seated on the ground near Shera. "… I'll come out and say it. Shera, what kind of women does Walker like?"

Now that got Shera to stop her sewing, blinking a few times at the younger Moemon, '… Walker… I knew this would happen if she kept dressing like a man. I suppose I should tell Midnight here about it.'

"Dear, I think…"

"Cause, no matter how many sexy poses I shoot his way, he only brushes them off!" Midnight continued with a huffed face. "And then earlier, I heard Fontina in his room with him in it… And well…"

Even Midnight couldn't say what she thought had happened behind the closed doors. But this only continued to puzzle Shera, '… Is Walker actually like that?'

"Seriously though, is Walker into girls like Fontina?" Midnight asked. "Seriously, I've been traveling with that watery nerd for a few years and she's never been willing to take initiative."

"Uh, I don't think Walker really has much of a taste for girls," Shera replied as she continued with her work. "But, I have to ask, what makes you think that your friend and Walker are… in a relationship?"

"Like I said, I overheard them in Walker's room earlier," Midnight answered.

"Alright, but did you ask Fontina or Walker about it?" Shera asked.

"Like they'd really tell me," Midnight replied.

"Well, maybe you're just mistaken," Shera commented as she continued her sewing. "I've know you girls for a while now, and I'm a good judge of character, I doubt that Fontina would do something like that. And if you've been traveling with her and Ali, wouldn't you three have a deeper trust between each other?"

Midnight was about to retort, but she had to admit that Shera had a point. And the Kangaskhan Moemon continued, "Dear, I've been on this world for a good while, and you shouldn't let a good friendship get broken over something that could be a simple misunderstanding. I suggest that after I finish with your uniform, that you should get yourself a glass of milk from the kitchen, head back to your room and sleep on the matter.

"Then in the morning, after you have a cleared head, ask Fontina about the matter."

Once again, Midnight had to give that one to Shera… Besides, it'd be good excuse to sneak some more cookies from the kitchen as well…


The late-night darkness enveloped the room, like draping the entire room under a curtain. There was barely a trace of the outside world with the drapes drawn to keep out that pesky sun in the morning. But even if they had been left to flutter about, the sky outside was almost as black as it was in here! Normally, no one with a 9-5 job would experience this harsh degree of darkness. But it would seem that Fontina, our meek and watery heroine, had stayed up late enough to experience this level of night.

It wasn't because she wanted to, she wanted anything but a crash tomorrow afternoon. She couldn't get to sleep, plain and simple. There was nothing more to it, except for the gnawing psychological experience of rapid bloating, impending poverty and the feeling one gets when their best friend is scaldingly upset with them. Had they been experienced individually, Fontina may have been able to shrug each of them off much easier. But the weight of a piano (or perhaps a Snorlax, since this is a pokemon based story) seemed to rest upon her shoulders.

She lay stiffly in bed, tucked in nice and neat, and didn't think to move a muscle as she stared blankly yet solemnly at the ceiling.

'Oh... my life is hell...' she said to herself, never one to actually complain about anything. She took a deep breath, only to marvel at how far her swollen sweaterpuppies forced the quilt into the air, sending her deeper into melancholy. What's worse yet, Fontina was far too meek to turn on one of the bedside lamps so that she could at least thumb through a few of the books from the library, lest wake up her bedside comrade Ali. So all she could do was sit here and think about all of her troubles and wallow in them like she Grumpig she was becoming...

She sighed quietly and rolled over onto her side, 'I can't live like this, I'm going to go crazy if I just sit here all by myself without anything to do!' she thought frettingly, 'Maybe, just maybe, if I'm quiet enough I can speed walk down to the library and that'll solve two of my problems...'

The Vaporeon moemon silently unblanketed herself and gave the remainder of the quilt to Ali before stumbling about in the dark for her slippers. Thanks to a draft, a portion of the curtain gave way to the slight luminosity that was outside, making her stumbling a little bit more about her own lack of coordination and less about the growing darkness. Had her room been hardwood, like it was supposed to be before Midnight taken the back room all to herself, this would have been much harder. But luckily, her rubber-soled bedtime footwear had decided to get stuck right next to each other as she kicked them off after her hard day's work and clung to the carpet.

She snatched her glasses beside the alarm clock, fiddled with them for a second before managing to get the arms out, and placed the coke bottle lenses on her head. At least something was going right for her.

But, curse her recent string of bad luck, the draft soon faded and the curtain fell back over the window; cutting off her primary, though meager, source of light. 'Oh crap.' she borrowed one of Ali's trademarks, 'How am I supposed to, oh wait, my headlamp!'

Fontina would rummage about on the end table before finally feeling the long, metallic neck of the booklight Ali had gotten her so long ago. "Yes!" she said proudly to herself, feeling the bad times just melt away as she clung to the cold metal luminator. Quickly, she turned it on...

Only for a ridiculously powerful flash of light to emenate from the tiny bulb! It blinded her, apparently she had faced it towards her in the darkness, and she let out a tiny yelp.

"Nngh....cut dat thing off, wouldja?" Ali mumbled, grabbing her double covers and pulling them closer to her as she rolled over.

"Sorry..." Fontina squeaked, flicking the off switch.

'I'll just use this when I get in the hallway...'


If during the day, the stormy season no less, the mansion's hallways were dark and hard to see in then the night was just Hell. Only now did Fontina grow to appreciate the dim lighting that the flickering bulbs provided, and how much of a necessity they really were. But luckily, now that there were no small echidna-esque moemon to blindsight with her super-powered headlight, Fontina had her very own light to guide her.

She must have looked like a mess; her blue hair mussed from tossing and turning in the bed, pajamas tight fitting, morning breath, and a somewhat antennae looking device wrapped around her forehead that blinded people. But who was going to see her? Besides, she needed to get up and do something before she went crazy!

Telling that to herself over and over again, perhaps as an excuse for staying up so late and stumbling about like a madwoman in the dark in search of things that would keep her awake even longer, Fontina quietly trudged on. She winced every time one of the floorboards creaked underneath her. At first, it was because she was afraid that she was going to wake up. Then, after reaching a hallway that wasn't inhabited, it turned into worrying over whether or not she had woken someone up and they were following her. But after that it just reminded her of her weight, which in turn made her feel every time her jelly rolls wobble and her breasts bounce up and down even more than she had before.

Things were terrible in Fontina's head, things that were usually so nice and organized in there had been knocked over due to the inconsiderance of her poor self-esteem. But it wasn't hard to catch Fontina on one of these spells, just ask Midnight and Ali. She was a smart girl, but when she got down on herself, she really took it all the way and got into full-blown depression!

But depressed or not, Fontina always loved books. They took her mind off of the things that troubled her in her life (that, granted, was usually made hectic due to her friends.) Fontina was never one to complain about anything to anybody, substituting a good complaint with a nice cozy nook to read in. Which is why she had decided on this place, the library, to settle her nerves.

"Huh... the lights are on...." the voluptuous moemon remarked as she cracked the doorway. Either way, company or not, Fontina was getting a book whether she looked like a slob or not. Whoever her fellow midnight bookworm was, they had better not be in the mood for conversation... okay, maybe just a little. She never was one to be mean.

Despite the fact that the hallway was darker than usual, and thanks to her portable headlamp helped light her way, Fontina was able to see that the door to the library was opened up enough to allow a stream of light to light the darkened hallways. Slowly, the water Moemon crept up to the door and peered into the library.

It didn't take Fontina long to figure out who was in the library, especially since the culprit was standing in front of some of the same shelves that Fontina had looked over a week ago.

The mythology section.

And it was none other than that Kyrie girl that Ali and Shera had brought earlier to the mansion, looking over some of the books that were on the shelf. Fontina blinked a few times as she watched the mysterious young Moemon look over the books in front of her, '… Huh, I wonder what's she's doing?'

That's when Fontina watched as the short Moemon began to reach for a book that was just out of her reach, even standing on her tippy-toes to try to get her hands on the book she was aiming for.

"C-Come on…" Kyrie muttered as she grunted to get a few more inches from her miniscule height.

However, only her fingertips managed to brush the side of the book, "Almost…"

Just as Kyrie was about to wrap her fingertips around the edges of the book, another hand reached passed the young Moemon's hand and pulled the book out. Kyrie's eyes widened as she turned around, looking directly at a pair of large breasts that where barely constrained inside a very tight pajama top. Kyrie's eyes nearly bugged out as she staggered back at the sudden appearance.

"Careful!" Fontina gasped as she caught Kyrie before the smaller girl bumped into the bookcase. "Whew… We didn't need a big mess to clean up."

Kyrie blushed slightly as she and Fontina stepped away from the bookcase, allowing the taller Moemon to hold the book towards Kyrie, "And here's your book."

Slowly, Kyrie took the book from her new acquaintance, "… T-Thank you…"

"It's not a problem," Fontina replied with her a smile on her face. "Although, I have to wonder, any reason why you're in here tonight?"

"I-I wanted to… To read s-something…" Kyrie answered sheepishly, with her head lowering down to the ground. "C-Couldn't sleep…"

Fontina's smile grew brighter, at least through all her troubles there was another person who shared her love for reading, "Well, I myself couldn't sleep. Would it be too much trouble if I were to join you in your reading?"

For a brief moment, the nervousness in Kyrie's face disappeared into a small cute smile, but then was covered up as the bathrobe wearing Moemon lifted up the book she had in her hands, "… N-No… Its f-f-fine…"

And with that, Fontina began to search for a book to help calm her nerves for the late night…

Kyrie quietly took her seat near Fontina, something admirabe since there were no actual seats near the aquatic moemon. Instead of dragging one of the many chairs available, though a little too far out of reach of Fontina for her sake, Kyrie struggled to climb the small mountain of unshelved tomes and awaited her new friend's selection. She held her legs still as they dangled off of her mountain of books and crossed her arms daintilly, holding her head low and eyes up as she patiently waited on Fontina to make her decision. Her long turquoise hair brushed against the book in her lap, "Our Raging Seas: Collector's Edition", as it cascaded down from her head.

Suddenly, Fontina's plump posterior turned around to show a satisfied, though slumber worn moemon with a promisingly thick book in her hands; "Back You Filthy Mongrels: Tales of Peasant Revolt in Old Johto". She beamed widely at the prospect of finding such a critically acclaimed book, her excitement clearly visible in her newly formed dimples.

"Look Kyrie, first edition!" she cooed over her 900-page conquest.

Kyrie raised her head slightly and flashed a timid smile, "Th-That's a nice book..." she peeped.

Fontina squealed, "Oh I know, I've heard such good things about it, I've wanted to read it ever since I was a little girl!"

Fontina started to excitedly climb the stepladder until she was at about eye-level with Kyrie, lowering her plump rear-end on the padded metal and snuggling up; her new beau of a book distracting her from the sizable amount of thigh squeezing from the railway on the ladder.

As the blue haired moemon flipped past the table of contents, already lost in her new book, Kyrie looked on in confusion. "W-What're you doing?" she asked meekly.

Fontina looked up, confused at the strange young girl's even stranger question, "What do you mean?" she quirked her head and let out a little smile, "I thought you said I could read with you?"

The porcelain girl felt herself quiver, "O-Oh, it's just... there's some chairs over there a-and you shouldn't... well, you know, you'll get hurt if you fall off..."

Fontina looked to her left, sure enough there were three plush armchairs that either of them could have used instead of their rather rickety choices of seating. Fontina chuckled a bit, "Hey, you're the one sitting on books Kyrie." she addressed the frail girl jokingly, only for her to hang her head even lower than before.

"Oh, but hey, we could both sit over there if you want!" Fontina panicked, leaning forward slightly to get her attention, "You know, so neither of us fall off and get hurt!"

Kyrie's head rose to reveal a slivered smile and a slight blush, "O-Okay..." she said quietly as both she and her new plump friend climbed down their respective towers to commune at the safer (and undoubtedly more comfortable) seating arrangement.

Kyrie took tiny, slow steps as she trudged along the carpet; by the time she had reached her seat, Fontina was just waiting on her by the chairs! Slowly and in an embarrassed fashion, Kyrie lowered her tiny body into the armchair on the far left, somewhat suprised when Fontina took the middle one and letting out a small squeak.

"What's wrong?" Fontina asked, leaning over her book to address the timid mystery-mon.

"N-Nothing, I um... just sat on a needle." she lied, wary of confessing her initial wariness of Fontina's easy-going attitude towards her.

"Oh, well would you rather switch seats, I don't feel anything in my chair."

Not that she could, with a booty so well insulated, "N-No, b-but thank you... Fontina, is that your name?"

The addressed Vaporeon moemon smiled, "Yeah, that's right." she said proudly, "I hope you're name's Kyrie, otherwise I've just made myself look like a real dork."

They shared an innocent giggle, "Y-Yeah, my name's Kyrie, you're not a dork."

Fontina laughed, sending her full breasts up and down with each breath, "Oh I'm a dork, don't let me fool you." she said innocently, "And lately I've been such a klutz, plus you know I'm getting kinda chubby lately."

She instantly covered her mouth, why did she just throw that into innocent conversation?

That was so awkward, why couldn't she just keep her big mouth shut about things that no one else wanted to talk about?! Now Kyrie was just going to think she was fishing for compliments and-

"I-I don't think you're chubby." Kyrie said softly, cutting off Fontina's internal debate amongst herself, "I-I think that you're... really pretty..." she blushed, fearing her own social incompetence would have chased off one of the nicest people she'd met in a very long time.

Fontina blushed too, half-expecting the little girl to just patronize her or just avoid the question entirely... but pretty? "Oh thanks Kyrie, that means a lot coming from someone who's so cute!"

At this, Kyrie's already delicate demeanor exploded in a flurry of red, burgundy, and even purple. No one had ever really complimented her like that before. At least, she couldn't remember anyone doing so...

"Th-Th-Thank you." the turquoise headed girl said in a normal tone of voice. She was actually loud enough to startle Fontina somewhat, considering just how quiet she'd been this entire time.

"So, do you have any clothes, I've only seen you in that bathrobe since Shera took you out of the infermary."

Kyrie shook her head a resounding 'no', "I-I don't have anything really, Ms. Shera said that- that she'd make me some clothes... I told her she didn't have to but..." she trailed off, looking away and tapping her fingers innocently over her still unopened tome of the sea.

Fontina's expression saddened, "Oh, that's awful, you don't have anything?"

She sympathized with the young moemon, especially after having to split "nothing" three ways with Midnight and Ali during their travelling days. Kyrie lowered her head again, seeing that this train of conversation was putting a downer on the already quite awkward conversation the two were having, "N-No, b-but don't be sad about it, M-Ms. Shera said I could st-stay here until things looked up for me!"

Fontina grimaced somewhat, wary of what might happen to the poor and fragile little girl should her luck be the same as her own party's. "Yeah, that's how my friends and I wound up here." she said, "You know, Ali and Midnight, did you ever get a chance to talk to them after Ali and She- er, Ms. Shera picked you up?"

Kyrie nodded slowly, "Y-Yeah, I really like Ali, she was really nice... but Midnight is a little scary... she's so loud..."

Fontina snorted, cutting off Kyrie's description, "W-What, did I say something funny?" she stammered.

Only for Fontina to start roaring, "Y-You bet you did, it's okay Kyrie, everyone feels that way about Midnight, she's all talk though!"

Kyrie smiled lightly and looked down to her clasped hands, "I-I'll have to talk to her then..."

Things continued on like this for about an hour or so; two equally shy moemon complimenting each other and swapping stories, each afraid that the last thing they said would scare the other one off. They got along swimmingly. Eventually, the subject of Fontina's indenturement came up into conversation; "And that's how, once again, one of Ali and Midnight's little squabbles got me into a world of trouble, I don't think we'll ever get out of this mansion at the rate things are going..."

Kyrie ducked down shyly, "Y-You know, I could... talk to Ms. Shera... to see if I couldn't start... you know, working here to help pay for the vase..." she stuttered.

Fontina was touched, she never expected something like this. But from what she'd heard, the world had been pretty tough on Kyrie, especially since losing her memory. Maybe she was just trying to do her part to make the world a better place? "Th-Thank you so much Kyrie, but you don't have to-"

For the first time, Kyrie actually interrupted someone. "I-I don't mind, I really don't!" she said with an angelic smile on her face, "I-I've got nothing better to do, and you really could use the help!"

Fontina felt her eyes start to water, she was just so kind! "Thank you so much Kyrie!!" she lunged over the two armrests, her breasts flopping over the flanks and rubbing up against Kyrie's washboard body as she enveloped her friend in a big, warm hug.

"Yes... I like where this is going."

A new voice startled both of them, letting out matching squeaks as they immediately let go of eachother. It seemed to come from nowhere, but in a library this large that was surely a ruse.

"Aww!!" it whined, sounding much less menacing and deep, "Why'd you stop?!"

Kyrie cowered behind Fontina, forcing the latter to be the begrudgingly brave one of the two.

"Who are you?" she shouted to the seemingly empty library, "This isn't funny!"

"I know it's not funny!" the voice shouted indignantly, sounding much closer now than it did before.

Fontina's eyes darted around the room in search of anything strange. Then after realizing that the entire house was strange, training her sight to catch something that didn't belong. She turned around after hearing some footsteps coming from the left side of her, and then turning again when she heard something dropped on the right. As Fontina stared off in front of her, Kyrie took the back in order to double their sight; unfortunately, it was Kyrie who caught the small figure slowly rising from behind one of the bookshelves and it left her too scared to say anything other than "eep".

The figure took a deep breath and yelled out, "I KNOW IT'S NOT FUNNY, IT'S HOT!!"

At that, Fontina spun around with Kyrie desperately clinging to her middle. "Wh-What the?" she stuttered, catching sight of the lewd offender as her eyes focused. Even Kyrie peered over the taller girl's shoulder to catch a glimpse of the loudmouth little... eight year old?

It was absolutely true; someone of very, very small stature had taken to standing on a lower bookshelf to make themselves seem taller and make their voice echo throughout the library. They were dressed in what looked like a guard's uniform with a few custom attachments like a hood, long flapping sleeves, and elongated cuffs on their pants to drag across the floors of the mansion.

Fontina raised one eyebrow questionably, "Huh?!" was all she could muster in leiu of an intelligent remark to the little perv.

The booming little body jumped down to stand at the top of Fontina's muffin top rather than over her head and pointed at Kyrie, "Yeah that's right, hug her middle, we need lots more action here!!" it hollered directly in her face, causing the more timid girl to scream.

"I-I don't think we'll be doing that any time soon!" Fontina yelled at the indignant adolescent over Kyrie's shrill yelp, "And stop that, you're scaring her!"

She looked down at the young body; judging strictly by the short black hair this little pervert was a boy. Exactly as she'd figured.

"Hmm... you're right, she doesn't seem like the type to get all hot and bothered when she's scared..." he crossed his arms and sighed, "But then again, this is my mansion and I'd like to be entertained here." he said plainly, "But, then again again, how am I supposed to get her to tae her clothes off when she's screaming?" once more, the erratic young man changed his position, "But then again again again, that's not necessarily a bad thing... but then again again again agai-"

Fontina took it upon herself to pop this little zit with her upstaged fist. "Come on Kyrie, I'll take you back to your room." she tugged irately at Kyrie's shoulder who could only respond with a sniveling


But after the mere notion of going back to bed was mentioned, another voice came out of the blue to startle Kyrie. "Oh nice vork Ethel, now ze're going avay!" the thickly accented rantings seemed to come from the ceiling; where a figure slowly slid into a standing position... upside down.

"You like ladies?" he smiled, baring fangs in attempted sensuality, "I asked Shera if she vould put them in, ze vonder of magnets, ah?." he chuckled…


"Ethel?!" Fontina started to blush, "You mean you're a... a..."

"I'M A BOY!!" he hollered

"But certainly not a man." the batty man on the ceiling released, his gaurd jacket unfolding to make him more aerodynamic and allowing him to fall to the ground gently, "Unlike moi, Monsieur Ivan Dracule." he flipped the short bangs from his face in (again, attempted) seduction.

His shoes tapped loudly somehow on the carpeted section of the library as he made his way over to the lovely ladies in the room. "My, I do love a voman vith glasses." he remarked on his way over, "Mostly because I can see myselv in zem, but zat's not ze point."

Fontina narrowed her eyes menacingly at him, never actually one for violence on her part. Somehow, something in the back of her mind told her that was about to change if he kept this up.

Ivan Dracule was obviously a Golbat moemon, being too tall and fully grown to be a Zubat. He was tall, pale, and had a cropped haircut. His guard outfit was... mostly unimpressive. It looked like a very nice cross between a police officer's outfit and a halloween costume for the vampire wannabe's. Sure, after reading a certain book in her youth, Fontina would have been all over this phony-bologna vampire, but again that was a long time ago.

"Look, w-why don't we just go?" Fontina started to struggle, her growing rage unable to be repressed.

"Hey, you two haven't made out yet!!" Ethel barked loudly.

"Yes I must admit, I vas somevat looking forvard to zat." Ivan chuckled...

Only for the door to open abruptly, sending both Ivan and Ethel back to their hiding places.

"Crap!" Ethel whispered before disappearing behind the bookshelf.

"Later." Ivan said in a hushed voice before clinging to the wall.

Fontina turned around to see a scowling, intimidating Noctowl moemon with a very displeased look on her face. "Ivan. Ethel." he barked coldly, "Stop screwing around and let's go, shift's almost up."

"Shift?" Fontina and Kyrie asked in unison.

The tall, blank slate of a man caught them in his rather wide eyes. His hat had an emblem on it that seemed to mesmerize them as the lights bounced off of it, like two wings around a diamond.

"What're you two doing up?" he didn't sound irritated at them, just naturally serious. "You should really be in bed. Anything happen in here?" he asked professionally.

Fontina's eyes darted both right and left to see both Ivan and Ethel shaking their heads 'no'. However, she was in no mood to let those two wretches off easy. "Yes sir, Ethel's on the right behind a bookshelf, and Ivan's trying to climb back up on the ceiling." she smiled.

"I see. You two go on back to your rooms." he said dimly, "I run my regime very strictly, and I'd hate for two such young women to hear what'll happen to those two."

Fontina giggled, "Sure thing." she nudged back to Kyrie, equally as unremorseful, "Come on Kyrie, I'll take you back to... do you have a room yet?"

As they quickly skipped out of the room, Fontina heard the night-fowl crack his knuckles before whispering, "Hide and seek, my favorite game."

And as she closed the door, Fontina could hear "OH COME ON HORUS THIS ISN'T-" and a rush of pained yelping. Somehow, Fontina would get to sleep much better tonight.
Chapter Five... Finally!

And we finally get our mysterious moemon Kyrie here!

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